Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: Bare Minerals READY Bronzer

Hey everyone, 
Ok, here is the 2nd thing I am totally excited about. One of Bare Escentuals newest items are the Bare Minerals READY Bronzers. Super excited. Most people who are Bare Mineral users are familiar with "Warmth" and "Faux Tan" as their bronzers or all over face colors. Some people say that warmth is too red or dark and some people say that the bronzers are not dark enough. So they created THREE new bronzers that come in compacts. 

The three different bronzers are:
The Skinny Dip- Light Tan
The High Dive- Tan (shown above)
The Deep End- Dark Tan

These bronzers are paraben free, no fillers, no chemicals, or binders. You can make them really sheer or you can build to how dark you want it. These bronzers also deliver anti-aging benefits for softer, smoother skin according to the info on their website. 

I definitely will be collecting all three of these bronzers. Love them all!!  

Check out my video on this product:

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