Friday, April 29, 2011

MAC Cosmetics: Fashion Flower

MAC Cosmetics: Fashion Flower
This is one of MAC spring collection. The designs on the eyeshadows and pressed powders are so cute. I didnt want to use the eyeshadow because it would mess up the print!! Anyway, I love the corals in this collection...can you tell? haha. The other colors didnt catch my eye. The eye shadows seemed like colors that have been out before and one of them is a permanent color (lucky green). The Lip Gelees were really pretty. The coral seemed the most wearable. The others would look cute on the center of the lip for a glittery pout. The lipsticks were ok. I was curious to see the green lipstick. I have not seen one like that before. It looked different on the skin. Looked like a cool blue glittery frost. Very sheer. The other two colors seemed similar to other things. Anyway, I purchased the things that stood out to me =) 
My Goodies:

Alpha Girl- Beauty Powder
Bright Coral 
The beauty powder has a really pretty color, just wish it wasn't so sheer. But then again, it is a beauty powder not a blush. If you want something sheer just to apply for a hint of a warm color for the summer, this is perfect.

 Budding Beauty Lip Gelee
This color caught my eye first! Gelees are my favorite. They have an awesome texture and are very creamy. This one is a bright coral with little flecks of glitter. Gorgeous for spring/summer

Ever Hip Lip stick
This lipstick is a bright coral with a cremesheen finish. Its very bright! After trying it on, I decided that I like it best with a lip liner.

Groundcover Eyeshadow
Matte- Soft grey, very sheer

Bows & Curtseys Eyeshadow
Satin- smokey, metallic green

The Collection:
 My Fashion Flower Look:


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prom: Glamorous Red Lip

Want a Glamorous Classy look for prom? Adding a red lip to your look is perfect!!

Prime Time- Bare Escentuals eyelid primer
Nylon (highlight)- MAC Cosmetics
Cork (crease 1)- MAC Cosmetics
Brownscript (crease 2)- MAC Cosmetics
Nude Pearl (lower lid)- NYX Cosmetics
Walnut Pearl (outer corner)- NYX Cosmetics
White Pearl (around tearduct)- NYX Cosmetics
Penultimate Liner Pen- MAC Cosmetics

Hot Red Lip Pencil- NYX Cosmetics
Strength Pretty Amazing Lip Color- Bare Escentuals

This Look on my YouTube


Prom: Smokey Blues

Its that time of year for high school girls to be excited for prom. And its that time of year for me to do prom makeup. So I figured that i would do a few tutorials on looks you can do for prom!!

Prime Time- Bare Escentuals Eyelid Primer
Nylon (highlight)- MAC Cosmetics
Cork (crease 1)- MAC Cosmetics
Deep Truth (lower lid)- MAC Cosmetics
Contrast (crease 2)- Mac Cosmetics
Carbon (outer corners)- MAC Cosmetics
Penultimate Liner Pencil- MAC Cosmetics
Saphire Liner Pencil- NYX Cosmetics

Top: Carbon, Contrast
Bottom: Deep Truth, Nylon


Peeaboo Nude Lip Pencil- NYX Cosmetics
Perfect Lipgloss- NYX Cosmetics

YouTube-Smokey Blues Prom Video:
YouTube Smokey Blue Look 


Monday, April 25, 2011

Feather Hair Extensions

 The new trend this year is feather hair extensions! You can pretty much find them at most salons and they come in tons of different colors. Its a very quick easy way to change up your hair style without damaging your hair. The best part about it is that its not permanent! With the right tools you can take it them out whenever you want or change the colors. 
I searched the web for the best price and so far is the cheapest place to get them. The only bummer to their website is that they are always out of stock. Once they put up new products, they usually are sold out that same day!! So you gotta check out their site a lot so you dont miss out!! But its worth it! They shipped really fast too!

The feathers can be styled any way you want. You can curl them, straighten them, wash them and blow dry them. They are just like hair. I do recommend moving them aside if you are going to tease or brush your hair.
(picture from website)
This is the color that I chose! I like how they are more of a natural color.
 These are $14.99 on their site


Here are the tools that you would need. You can get all the tools individually or you can buy the pack like I did. You also get to pick what color beads you want. I picked the dark brown. 
This kit was $16.99
How to put them in your hair:
 Step ONE: Place a feather hair bead onto the end of your wire tool
Step TWO: Figure out where you would like your feather extension and separate a very small section of hair that is thin enough to fit in the bead
Step THREE: Select the feather(s) that you would want in your hair (keep them handy, you will need them in a second)
Step FOUR: Pull the small section of hair through the wire tool
Step FIVE: Move the bead from the base of the tool and move it like you are taking it off the tool ( This will loop your hair through the bead)
Step FIVE: Your hair should be looped through the bead. Move the bead so that its close to your scalp but leave some room between your scalp and the bead. 
Step SIX: Grab your feathers and slide the ends through the bead. 
Step SEVEN: Grab your pliers and clamp your bead down. 
Step EIGHT: tug the feather and make sure they are secure.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sneak Peak: New Pretty Amazing Lipcolors by Bare Escentuals

New Products!! Bare Escentuals added brand new permanent lipcolors to their line!!! yay! I got my hands on ALL of them!! I must say they are PRETTY AMAZING!! Ill start off by saying the pigment in them is awesome. They have a nice range in colors that are all very pretty. I do wish they had some more brown or bronze but they finally decided to do vibrant colors. 
The applicator is so cooooool! The wand is flexible which makes it easy to really follow the shape of your lips. The wand also comes to a point so its super easy to create a nice clean line around the edge up your lip just like a regular lip pencil.
The colors are as pigmented as a lipstick but has a glossy sheen to it just like a lip gloss. I'm also very surprised at how creamy they all are. Not drying at all which is odd because most long wearing lip colors are dry and chalky to me. 
I am very very happy with these products and cant wait to rock the bright colors out!!
I must let you guys know, the only reason I got these colors early is because they are having a preview day. These products are available for only one day then they wont be coming back out for good until next month... So keep your eyes out for them in May

BE Description: Bright Petal Pink
*with NYX Rose lipliner

BE Description: Brick
*with Mahogany MAC lipliner

Free Will
BE Description: Pink Nude
*with NYX Natural Lipliner

BE Description: Red

BE Description: Rosy Mauve
*with NYX Natural Lipliner
BE Description: Coral Pink
*with NYX Rose Lipliner

BE Description: Fuschia
* with Fuschia NYX lipliner
BE Description: Warm Strawberry
* With NYX Peekaboo Neutral Lipliner
**The Lip descriptions are taken from the Bare Escentuals Website


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bare Escentuals Spring Haul

A few things at Bare Escentuals caught my eye so I had to get them. The colors of the products and the packaging are so cute! Perfect for spring!

Naturally Luminious
(6 piece kit) all new colors exclusive to the kit and everything is full size!
Miracle Blush- pink fuchsia 
Refresh Eyeshadow- bright mint green 
Restore Eyeshadow- golden brown (favorite!)
Fruit Smoothie Lip Gloss- shimmery sheer bright pink
Charbronze Eyeliner- charcoal bronze color
Full Tapered Shadow Brush

Buxom Swinger Girls
Four metallic bright colors for spring. These glosses give a minty cool feeling on your lips. Loovvveee these!
Emily- rosy nude
Heather- champagne color
Lauren- pink cupcake
Marissa-pink blush
(I got the lip gloss descriptions from the website..)

Faux and Foxy
What sold me on this kit was the brush and the gloss. I collect all the glosses anyway but the brush is AMAZING for my foundation. It make my skin look so smooth and dewy. It gives a great coverage as well...
French Toast (spf 15)- honey brown  
Faux Tan in mirrored compact(spf 15)- bronzer
Buff & Go Brush- great brush!!

Naturally Luminous Daily Duo- Combination Skin
Both of these are great for traveling or if you just want a smaller size. 
Purifying Facial Cleanser- this cleanser is nice because it has a milky texture to it and it can remove makeup. Hydrates your skin and reduces pores. They natural scent of it smells sooo good and refreshing 
Purely Nourishing Moisturizer- This is what I use for my everyday moisturizer. The scent is also nice and the texture is very light

 Brightening Prime Time- Face Primer
This primer is my new favorite. It gives your skin a dewy golden glow that shows through under your foundation. It will make your foundation last longer, lock in moisturizer, and make the surface of your skin super smooth which makes your foundation look flawless. It also acts like a filler if you have fine lines, wrinkles, or big pores. Best primer that I have tried!


My Haul Video

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Look: Lavender Eyes

Another Spring Tutorial!! I'm so into the purple shades right now and I recently bought a lot of NYX products and wanted to try them out. The purple pigment I used in this look is A-MAZE-ING!!! I love it. Probably the best purple color I own. And so cheap too! 

Products Used:

Prime TIme- Bare Escentuals Eyelid Primer
Nylon (highlight)- MAC Cosmetics
Base color any light matte lavender color- Random no name palette 
Cork (crease 1)- MAC Cosmetics
Purple Pearl (lower lid, and under lower lashes)- NYX Pearl Pigment (love love love!!)
Embark (lightly in crease for definition)- MAC Cosmetics
Lavender Candy GLitter Liner- NYX Cosmetics

Any cool pink for your cheeks- from random no name blush palette
Nylon (cheek highlight)- MAC Cosmetics
Faux Tan (cheek contour)- Bare Escentuals

Light Pink Lip Liner- NYX Cosmetics
Pink Flamingo- NYX Cosmetics
Perfect Megashine Lip GLos- NYX Cosmetics


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