Friday, February 10, 2012

NOTD: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Cross My Heart

Hey guys and gals, 
Happy Valentines Day! Im really not into Valentines day but when I saw these at my local drugstore, I instantly knew I had to get these. I'm currently obsessed with Sally Hansen Salon Effects. 
I have written about these nail strips before in previous posts but I cant stop talkin about them. The true test to see how long these lasted was to see how they held up at work. Usually when I just paint my nails, they stay looking nice for only like a day or two. I always end up chipping them because of the tasks I do at work. 
These lasted 5 days no chips! The only reason I took them off was because I wanted a new nail design. I feel like they easily could have lasted another 5 days. The box even says they last 10 days. This is the third time I have used the nail strips and I noticed that adding a strong top coats keeps them stronger and makes them last longer.
These cost about $8 dollars and I think its totally worth it. Forget getting professional manicures when you can get these!
They also have other really cute designs for Valentines day that you should totally check out. You can find these at most drug stores, most makeup isles, target, walmart, etc. Almost anywhere!
 Are you ready for Valentines Day? Cuz I know I am!

Check out my video on how use the Sally Hansen Salon Effects:

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