Friday, September 30, 2011

Review: Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow

The new shadows are finally here! I am so excited! 
Bare Escentuals has always had their mineral eye shadow which are loose and very pigmented. Some people dont mind the shadows being loose but some find it messy and intimidating.
 They finally figured out a way to make "solid" eyeshadows. They are still all mineral based with no chemicals, binders, and waxes. These shadows actually help your eye area too:

"reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decreases the appearance of puffiness on the upper eyelids, and helps boost moisture levels in skin."

 I think these shadows are very reasonable in price. 
Duos- $20

Quads- $30
What do I think?
I am very happy and excited about these shadows. They are very pigmented and feel almost creamy to the touch. All the colors are very different so you have a great rage of finishes and colors to choose from. I really like the packaging. The palettes are very sleek and simple. On the back on the palettes show the names and the colors of the shadows which is awesome for a visual reference. There is also a very large mirror in the compact as well.
I have noticed that when you sweep your brush against the shadow, it sweeps away more product than you need. Its better to pat your brush into the shadow so you dont sweep away and waste the product. I am not really a fan of the sponge tip applicators in the compact but some people might like it for touch up. 

My overall rating: 9

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bare Escentuals The Truth Palette: Day to Night Look

The Truth Palette From Day To Night

 Serendipitous, Magnetism, Apropos, Fate

The Truth: Day Time Look
Highlight- Serendipitous
Crease- Fate
Lower Lid- Serendipitous
Outer Corner- Fate
Liner (lower lash line)- Granite Big & Bright Liner
Blush- Laughter
Lips- Amber Buxom

The Truth: Night Time Look
Highlight- Serendipitous
Crease- Fate
Lower Lid- Apropos
Liner (lower lash line)- Intense Black Big & Bright Liner
Mascara- Curl and Lengthen Mascara 
MAC #48 Lashes
Blush- Laughter
Lips- Spiced Raisin Lipstick

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review/NOTD: Matte Nail Polish

Yimane Nail
 Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees- Suede

This nail polish was sent to me by for review. (scroll to bottom for disount code) I got to choose what poroduct I wanted to review and I found a bunch of Matte Nail polishes on their site.
Matte is a fun new trend this year so I thought it would be perfect to review. 

I really love how the color turned out when you leave it matte or even when you put a top coat on top. So really you can have two different finishes with this nail polish which I thought was cool. Even if the Matte look isn't for you, it looks great with a good top coat over it. At first I thought the polish was more of a deep plum but it looks more of a dark midnight blue but with a hint of purple in it. So pretty! 

A few things I noticed when I used this polish:
-I liked the shape of the brush which is great for application
-The polish has a strong smell so beware of that (didnt bother me but might bother others)
- The polish seems to be a bit thicker than most nail polishes but that might b because it is a matte nail polish (I have not used a matte nailpolish so I have nothing to compare it to)
- The polish dries quickly so you need to work fast when applying it (doesnt take long for the whole nail to dry which is a plus)
-Probably need only 1 coat for this polish
- This polish tends to chip a bit quicker bc there is no top coat to apply over it to keep it matte

Overall Rating: 7

 Matte Polish (With no top coat)
Matte Polish (With top coat)

BornPrettyStore was so kind enough to provide me a discount code for everyone to use to get 5% off anything on their site. This code is valid until end of December
This website has tons of beauty supplies for nails, hair, makeup, jewelry, and some really cute hello kitty stuff. Their prices are pretty cheap too. 
Go Check out their website!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Natural Romantic Featuring MAC Cosmetics

Hey Guys! So this is the look I did recently and was requested by a bunch of people to do a video on this look. 
I recently picked up some new mineral products from MAC and some lip products from the new MAC Style Driven collection and decided to create a look. 
I wanted to make a look that had soft neutral peach tones and wanted the skin to be bronzed but had a natural soft glow. I really liked the warm peachy undertones and I thought it would be a really pretty look during fall for a quick everyday look, a date, or would be nice for work. 
Here are the products I used.

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Eyelid Primer
MAC Mineral Eyeshadow duo in This and That (lightest shadow)- brow highlight
MAC eyeshadow in Wild by Nature (Leopard Luxe Quad)- crease
MAC Mineral Eyeshadow duo in This and That (darker shadow)- lower lid
MAC Saddle Eyeshadow- crease and lower lash line
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline Gel Liner- lash line
MAC #48 Lashes
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Give Me Sun- Bronzer
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle- Cheek Highlight
MAC Blush in Peaches
NYX Lip liner in Nude Beige
MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in Ready Or Not

My Youtube Tutorial on this Look:
Natural Romantic Look

MAC Style Driven & Posh Paradise

MAC Posh Paradise
 This collection was smaller than Style Driven collection. It featured 2 nail lacquers, Mattene Lipstick and 8 Paintpots. From what I hear the paint pots were the most popular with this collection. I did like a lot of the rich colors but only picked up one Paint pot for myself.
 Genuine Treasure Paint Pot 

(left) paint pot packed on (right) paint pot light sweep

 Seeds Of Desire Mattene Lipstick
Brown tinted Red with a Semi Matte Finish

MAC Style Driven Collection
This collections main focus was long wearing products. This collection included Pro Longwear Eye shadows, Lipcremes, Lipglass, and Lip Pencils. My favorite part of this collection was the Pro Longwear Lipglasses. The colors were amazing and the consistency was awesome. Everything else just seemed ok to me. 
Driven By Love, Dark as Night, Ready or Not, Lasting Achievement

 Driven By Love
Blue Ruby Red with Red Flecks, Slightly Pearlized
 Dark as Night
Deep Dark Purple, slightly Pearlized
 Ready Or Not
Neutral Peachy Nude with pink specks, slightly pearlized
Lasting Achievement 
 Red Plum, slightly pearlized

Other Random Products I got:
 Mineralize Skinfinish Soft and Gentle
Mineralize Eyeshadow in This or That

My Youtube Review on these products:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

INGLOT: Fall Inspired Eyes (Review & Tutorial)

This was my very first time using INGLOT. I have seen this new brand all over youtube by other makeup Gurus and have heard nothing but great things about this makeup line. 
My friend went to Vegas a couple months ago and bought herself a palette and let me barrow it for a video and to play around with it. 
One thing that stuck out the most with this product was how PIGMENTED it is! You can literally swipe your finger lightly against the shadow and tons of pigment comes off. Little goes so far with this eyeshadow. The colors are so vibrant. 
I also notice that the color can easy be packed on the lid and stay the true color. The formula does not seem chalky. After sweeping my brush in the shadow, I noticed that all you need is a little dab of the shadow or else you will ended up sweeping too much product and waste it. 
The packaging of the palette is awesome. You can see the colors but are still completely protected by the magnetic lid. The palettes are stackable which is nice to keep everything together. Especially for makeup artists. One thing that I can complain about is the colors not having names. Its all numbers. Also once you put your color in the palette, there is no way to see what that number is. That is one thing I hope they would change.

Here are some pics of the colors I used:
*The shadows are a little banged up only bc they have been used 

More Pics From My Fall Inspired Tutorial:
What INGLOT Products have you tried?
Any Eyeshadow colors you would recommend?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MAC Satellite Dreams (Request Tutorial)

Hi Friends! I made this look for one of my subbies on Youtube. She told me she was getting married soon and wanted me to create a look with MACs Satellite Dreams Eyeshadow. 

I figured...why not?! I love a good makeup challenge. She wanted the eyes to be bold. Since the eyes were going to be the main focus, I figured i would make the skin flawless with a pretty glow and keeping the tones pretty soft and neutral. 

This look is totally wearable for the day and for going out. I have never used Satellite Dreams but I was surprised I have not gotten this color until now. Its a great purple to add to your makeup collection. 
So, congrats to my subbie and I wish her a beautiful wedding!

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Eyelid Primer
MAC Shroom Eyeshadow- brow highlight, inner tear duct
MAC Cork Eyeshadow- crease/base
MAC Satellite Dreams Eyeshadow- lower lid, crease, under lower lash line
MAC Smut Eyeshadow- crease, outer corner
Bare Escentuals Eyeshadow in Cultured Pearl- center of lid
MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner- Winged Liner
Bare Escentuals Big and Bright eyeliner in Intense Black- lower lash line
MAC #48 Lashes

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Original Face Primer
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NC20 & NC30
Bare Escentuals Medium Beige Founation
Bare Escentuals Well Rested Eye brightener
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Give Me Sun
LORAC Tantalizer Bronzer
MAC Gingerly Blush
MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Honey Rose
MAC Lush Amber Lipstick
MAC Natural Flare Cremesheen Glass

Check Out This Tutorial On Youtube:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NOTD: Damsel In A Dress

Seche Clear + Essie Damsel in a Dress + Poshe Top Coat

Im starting to gather all of my favorite fall colors for my nails and this was one of them. I got this at Target last month and its almost like a metallic burgundy/purple. I love wearing the rich red/purple tones for fall. It also complements every outfit =)
If you like this color, you might like Carry On from Essie, MAC Vintage Vamp, OPI Royal Rajah Ruby and Linkin Park After Dark


Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Makeup Bag/Touch Up Essentials

Don't you hate it when you just got off from a long day at work and someone calls you and makes last minute plans with you and you realize your face desperately needs a touch up? Then you realize you dont have anything to touch your face up with and you dont want to drive all the way home to get your face products? 
This has happened to me way to many times! I decided today that I would gather my most important products and put them in my makeup bag for a touch up kit. 
I figured I would share my essentials and maybe they would give you ideas on making your makeup 911 kit =)

Bare Escentuals Original SPF 15 Foundation in Medium Beige
I always notice that around my mouth is where I need a touch up the most when it comes to my foundation. I have a bad habit of touching around my mouth or chin throughout the day which usually smudges or takes some of my foundation off. If you are able to find a travel size or small compact of your foundation, that would be a perfect way to keep your foundation in your makeup bag. Sometimes around the holidays, BE makes little travel size kits with foundation in them that I try to get my hands on =)  

Bare Escentuals Buff & Go Brush
This brush is my FAVORITE for applying my foundation. This brush is synthetic which give a flawless full coverage application. Its also compact with a lid which is great for throwing in your purse.  

Bare Escentuals SPF20 Eye Brightener Well Rested
After a long day, sometimes I need a little pick me up under my eyes to help brighten them. Well rested helps brighten up my dark circles and makes me look awake and alert. 

Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
This synthetic brush is great for fuller coverage in smaller areas or to pack on product like concealer, foundation or an eye brightener. All Bare Escentual brushes have smaller handles compared to other makeup brands which is great for throwing in your purse without taking up a lot of room. 

Bare Escentuals Big & Bright Eyeliner Pencil in Black Coffee
Sometimes my eyeliner will fade a little bit under my eyes so its nice to have a pencil to reapply later on in the day. A dark brown vs. a black is nice for soft neutral looks or for smokey eyes. This liner also has a smudger at the end of the pencil that I could use to smudge my liner and create a smokey look for night time. 

My 3 Favorite Lip Glosses
I like to have options when it comes to my lips. I also have at LEAST 3 different colors to choose from. Three colors to have are a nude, pink, and a dark color. Here are my favs right now:
-Buxom Dolly Lipgloss (mauve)
-Buxom Amber Lipgloss (soft peach)
-Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in Kirk (nude)
-Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lipgloss in Bronze (my dark option) 

Duo Eyelash Glue
One of the worst things that could happen is for your eyelash to fall off and you have no glue to apply it. Its nice to have glue for those lash emergencies!
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Give Me Sun
Sometimes if your lookin a little lighter than normal its nice to have a bronzer with ya just to give ya some color. Make you look more awake too =)

Burts Bees Lip Balm
It sucks when your lips are dry and cracked that you have nothing to soothe them. Having some lip balm with you is a nice quick fix to some chap lips. 

Hempz Body Moisturizer
Its always nice to have a travel size moisturizer with ya when your skin is feelin a little dry. You never know who you might run into and the last thing you want is dry skin!

Anti-bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Sanitizer
I like to keep a tiny container of hand sanitizer with me in case I touch something yucky or feel like my hands are not very clean. Bath and Body Works has the perfect size to throw in your bag with different scents. My favorite is Nectarine Mint. 

Juicy Couture Roll on Perfume 
You never know what cute boy you might run into and you want to be smelling your best! The roll on perfume is nice because its nice a small and easy to apply. 

Gotta have a mirror to see what your doing when your touching up! Duh! You can find a cheap small mirror at your local drug store. 

Quick fix for minty fresh breath! 

These are all of my must have items. I hope I gave you guys some ideas. 

What are your makeup bag essentials? Id love to know!


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