Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve Look: Gunmetal Glitz

Happy New Year!
I was inspired by glitter and gunmetal! This is a perfect look to welcome the new year. Hope you guys have a safe, fun new year ;)
Here are the products I used to create this look:
Bare Minerals Eyelid Primer
1. Highlight/Inner tear duct
Kat Von D "Believer" Eyeshadow
2. Base Shadow
Bare Minerals "Namaste" Eyeshadow
3. Lower Lid/Lower Lash Line
Kat Von D "Sixxshooter" Eyeshadow
4. Center of Lid
MAC Pigment 
5. Crease/Outer Corner/Inner Corner/Lower Lash Line
ELF Shimmer Black Eyeshadow
6. Eyeliner Pencil
Kat Von D Autograph Pencil
7. Glitter Eyeliner
MAC Spunsilver Glitter Liner
8. Glitter
MAC Reflects Pearl Pigment
9. Mascara
Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara
10. Lashes
Eylure #205 Lashes
Check out the Video on my YouTube Channel:


Friday, December 30, 2011

EOTD: New Years Eve Eyes

Happy New Year!!!
This look was totally not planned...kinda just ended up looking like this but I really like how it turned out. 
Adding the blue to the inner and outer corners of the eyes made this simple smokey eye totally fun and different. This look would look great with any other bright pigment you might have laying around. 

Here is everything you will need to achieve this look:
Bare Minerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer

1. Brow Highlight
Kat Von D "Believer" Eyeshadow

2. Base Shadow
Bare Minerals "Namaste" Eyeshadow
3. Lower Lid/Lower Lash Line
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Pigment in "Black Pearl"
4. Crease
ELF Black Shimmer Eyeshadow "no name"
5. Eye Liner Pencil
Kat Von D Autograph Pencil
6.Tear duct/ Outter corner
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Pigment in "Space Pearl"
7. Mascara
Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara
8. Lashes
Eylure Double Lashes #205
I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year. 
Hello 2012!!
xo, Ariel

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review: Wet N Wild Holiday Set (Blues)

This Holiday, Wet N Wild came out with a couple of these holiday kits which include 6 Baked Eyeshadows, and a Shimmer Pencil. I got this as a gift so I am not sure what the exact price is. I want to say it was about $5. 
The color pay off for these shadows were just ok for me. I think I liked the light shimmery ones the best out of all of them. The dark colors were ok but not as pigmented as I would have liked. My favorite is the light taupey marble color. This had a great color pay off and the color is gorgeous. 
The packaging is not the best. Kind of cheap. But then again, the price is cheap. One of my shadows is loose in the pan so they arent completely secure. 
Blue Shadows:
  Neutral Shadows:

I think this is great if you want to try baked shadows for a reasonable price or you are just starting out with makeup. I do really like a couple of the shadows in this kit so I am excited to try them out. ;)

Review: Kat Von D Art Of Elysium Evelyn Palette

This Palette definitely caught my eye not only for the packaging but because of the reasons behind this palette. Kat Von D regularly volunteers for The Art of Elysium Organization. This organization provides creative inspiration for children battling serious medical conditions. Kat Von D worked with a girl from AOEO named Eyelyn to create the design for the palette. Also, 10% of the purchase price goes to The Art Of Elysium programs. 
 This palette is smaller and contains 4 different eye shadows with different finishes. 
The compact also includes a mirror inside the palette. 
Enjoy the Silence (satin), sand timer (satin), Leather (matte), Tijuana (matte with flecks of shimmer)

Review: Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette- Saint

I love Kat Von D's Eyeshadow Palettes. The shadows are always very pigmented with great color payoff. I have found some of my favorite smokey shadows from her makeup line. Kat Von D has a rocker edgy style, which I think is translated perfectly in the colors of the shadows she used for her palettes. 
The packaging is always artistic, and well made. 
Compared to her other palettes, this one is a bit bigger and made of metal.
 The Saint Palette comes with 8 neutral eye shadows with a few different finishes. Usually her other palettes come with a brush (which I never end up using) and this one comes with a Black Pencil Eyeliner. The palette also have a nice large mirror which is great for on the go and touching up.

 The Shadows
 Heavens (satin), Enjoy the Silence (satin), <3 (matte with flecks of shimmer), Downtown (satin)

  Sunny (satin), Pay for Me (satin), Bookworm (matte with flecks of shimmer), Caravaggio (matte)

Autograph Pencil
The pencil is really creamy, glides on nicely and is a very dark black. ;)

I love this palette. Its great for lots of different everyday looks. You can easily go from a day time look to a night time look with this palette. Great for on the go too! 
Love Love!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Look: Glam Eyes

I wanted to create a fun Glam look with simple neutral eyes with a pop of glitter and a dramatic wing. With these neutral eyes, you can pull off any lip color. Red would be fun and festive, pink would be cute and flirty, and to keep it soft, you can wear a nude lip. 
Have fun with this look ;)

1.Brow Highlight
Bare Minerals "Mixologist" Eyeshadow

2.Crease Base
Bare Minerals "Namaste" Eyeshadow

3.Crease #1
Bare Minerals "Apropos" Eyeshadow

4. Lower Lid/Lower Lash Line
Bare Minerals "Aglow" Eyeshadow

ELF Black Eyeshadow

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

Black Flawless Definition in Black

8.Glitter/Glitter Liner
MAC Reflects Pearl Glitter, MAC Glitter Liner in SpunSilver

9.Pencil Liner
Big & Bright Eyeliner in Intense Black

Eylure Double Lashes #205

AND Check out my Hair!!! Messy but fun!

Here is my Youtube Video on this Makeup Look:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

EOTD: Bare Minerals The Epiphany Palette

Last month, Bare Escentuals launched their new solid eyeshadows called READY Eyeshadows. I have collected every single one of their new palettes and a lot of you have requested me to do looks with them. 
In this look I used a few of the palettes but the main palette I wanted to focus on was The Epiphany Palette. 
1. Brow Highlight/Inner Corner of Eyes
Bare Minerals "Mixologist" Eyeshadow
2. Base
Any Translucent powder

3. Eyelid Base Color
Bare Minerals "Namaste" Eyeshadow
4. Lower Lid/Lower Lashline Color
Bare Minerals "A-Ha" Eyeshadow
5. (ops i did two 5's) Crease
Bare Minerals "Foreshadow" Eyeshadow
5. Gel Liner
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
6. Lower Lash Line Liner
Bare Minerals Big & Bright Eyeliner in Intense Black
7. Mascara
Black Flawless Definition Mascara
8. Lashes
Eylure Double Lashes #205 (

(picture from

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