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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: MAC Fluidline (MAC Style Seeker Collection)

As some of you may know, MAC Blacktrack is my favorite gel liner of all time. I wont use anything else! I pretty much use this everyday and in all my YouTube videos. 

When I saw that the new MAC Style Seeker Collection came out with a few new colors, I thought I would check them out. Usually I never wear a colored liner but since these were more on the dark side, I thought they might be a nice change. The colors that launched in this collection looked like they would be perfect for fall. 

 MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

I literally ran out of my liner right when this collection came out so I just restocked and picked up a new one. I really like gel liners because they are easier to use than a liquid. I feel that the consistency makes it easier to control and apply. Blacktrack is a great black. Its as black as you can get with a gel liner. I love using this for my everyday winged eye liner. 

 MAC Rich Ground Fluidline

This fluidline screams fall! I love how warm and rich this bronze liner is. I totally pictured myself layering this right above MAC Blacktrack for a pop of color. This would also be a great base for shadows too. 

 MAC Dark Diversion Fulidline

This liner is a re promote and it usually sells out pretty fast. This time I was able to get my hands on it. This is a great alternative to a black liner. Still is nice and dark but adds a little pop of color with this deep eggplant color. Love it!

As you can see, these colors are super pigmented. I love how creamy this gel liner is so its really easy to apply and control. 

Let me know if you guys tried any of these out!

Review: MAC Style Seeker Lipglass

In the MAC Style Seeker collection, there were 4 lip glosses that came out. All of them are amazing! I cant decide which one I like the most. There were three that were new glosses and one that was already a permanent gloss which was C-Thru. I decided the other 3 were perfect colors to add to my collection and definitely colors I wanted to rock for fall. 

These lipglasses are so warm and I love the multi dimensional shimmer that they have. There is something about the shimmer and shine that makes these glosses so pretty and different. 

Electric Edge- mid-tone Orange
Ready To Roam- Blue Red
Restless- Dark warm Bronze

These lipglasses contain JoJoba Oil to soften and smooth the lips. These look great by themselves or layered on top of a lip stick. There is a angled sponge tip applicator to apply these glosses. 

These glosses are amazing and are definitely ones to buy!

Review: MAC Style Seeker Blushes

The MAC Style Seeker collection came out with 3 Blush. I fell in love with 2 out of the 3 blushes. These two blushes are definitely unique and was one of my favorite products from this collection.These colors are limited edition so if you can, get your hands on them. 

MAC Hidden Treasure
(Rich Burnt Red)

I almost died when I saw this blush. Its beautiful!! This blush would look stunning on deeper skin tones. Of course this blush would work great on anyone but if you have a deep beautiful warm tone, you have to get this! This blush does look dark and scary but can easily be applied for a soft sweep of color. 

MAC Worldly Wealth Blush
(shimmery warm bronze)

One of my favorite blushes I have seen at MAC! Seriously! This blush is so amazing. It gives you that PERFECT JLo glow! I wish I bought a back up of this blush. This is definitely a must have for everyone. 

(left to right) MAC Hidden Treasure and MAC Worldly Wealth

These blushes are very creamy and are super pigmented. You get 6g/0.21 US Ounces of product. 

Limited Edition.

Tutorial: Kat Von D Inspired Look

Kat Von D is definitely one of my favorites. I love her style and her look is very edgy with a rocker vibe. I have purchased many of her products from her own makeup line and I love them. I get a lot of requests to do a review of her products and use them in one of my tutorials.

I have quite a few of her palettes and I love every single one of them. All of her eye shadows are super pigmented and there are many different finishes. I think she has some of my favorite matte shadows. 

This palette was given to me as a gift around Christmas time and I never really got to experiment with it. I thought I would create a look using this palette and re create one of her every day looks. 

This palette was limited edition but you can definitely find similar or the exact same color in her other palettes. This one was nice because it has a lot of neutrals and can easily be used for a day time to a night time look. 

This was the classic neutral smokey eye that was inspired by her everyday look. Pair it was a red/orange lipstick and you have the perfect Kat Von D look. 

Check out my YouTube tutorial below on how I created this look!

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