Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review: Khroma Beauty Kim's Kardazzle

Hey Gals. This is my second review on the new Khroma Beauty Palettes by the Kardashian Sisters. This is Kim's Dardazzle Palette. This small compact includes 8 shadows, a blush, highlighter, and a bronzer. 

These palettes retail for about $13 and can be found at some drug stores, Ulta, and select Sears stores. 

Kims palette has more of the cooler, smokier tones. Great for a dramatic smokey eye. The top shelf of this palette has 4 matte shadows and 4 shimmer shadows. I was a little disappointed on the application and pigmentation of the matte shades.  They were a little chalky and didnt apply super smooth. I did not like the color of the matte blue. Had a slight green undertone. The gray was very sheer. Not too pigmented. The matte black in this palette seemed chalky and looked like it would cause a mess during application.  

When it came to swatching the shimmery shades, I really was surprised by them. Very pigmented, almost felt creamy and had a nice application. They almost looked wet. Very pretty metallic finish. 

The bottom pan included a blush, highlighter, and bronzer. The blush in this palette is a matte bright pink. Seemed pretty pigmented. I was in love with the highlighter. Seemed like it had a duo chrome finish just like Khloe's palette. Seemed very pigmented and would be great as an eye shadow too. The bronzer color was nice but I probably wouldn't use it as a bronzer. I see myself using it more as a blush. 

Out of the three, this palette wasn't my favorite but I still want to experiment with it. Let me know your thoughts on this makeup line if you have used it. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: Khroma Beauty Khloe's Kardazzle

Ok Gals, I have been anxious to do this review. The Kardashian Sisters launched a makeup line called Khroma Beauty and it has launched recently. Its so new, they don't even have their website up yet for this line. You can find these products and some drug stores, select Sears Stores, and Ulta. 

A lot of bloggers, YouTubers, and reviewers and been talking about this new line. I have heard tons of bad reviews and only some positive reviews. I have been so excited myself to get my hands on these products. I researched on their products and was curious to see how they got rated. I put all the reviews aside and decided to review them myself. 

Out of their whole new line, the products that interested me the most were the palettes. Each Kardashian sister has their own palette and they are called Kardazzles. I got 2 out of the 3 palettes. The first one I wanted to review was Khloe's Palette.

This small compact has two trays. The top tray includes 8 eye shadows, and the bottom tray includes a blush, highlighter, and bronzer. I love how small and portable the compact it. The material and packaging of the compact might not be the best, but it works.

This compact includes 4 matte shadows and 4 shimmery shadows. Some of the lighter shades are pretty sheer. Not super pigmented. They are nice colors but you might have to layer them a bit. They would be nice base colors. The darker matte shade is very pigmented but can be a bit chalky. 

I was definitely surprised how the shimmery shades swatched. They almost seemed foiled, very pigmented and felt semi creamy. I didnt expect that. I think the colors are beautiful and cant wait to create looks with them. 

The second tray includes a blush, highlighter and bronzer. I love how this compact has a little bit of everything. 

The blush is more on the sheer side. I had to apply a couple layers to get some good color payoff. The blush is more of a peachy matte tone. I am curious to see how it applies on the face. 

I was super excited about the highlighter. Its beautiful! It's almost like a duo chrome finish. Very shimmery and pigmented. This would also look great as an eye shadow too. 

The "bronzer" it this palette didn't look like a bronzer to me. I looked as it more as a blush. In my opinion, it is too light to be a bronzer unless you are very fair. I could be wrong because I have not applied it on my face but after swatching it, it looked too light. 

After all the bad reviews, I am glad that I checked out this palette for myself. I am pretty happy with it and I will be be using it in the future. Let me know your thoughts and feelings on this palette if you have used it. :)

-Love the shimmery shadows
-Great colors
-Great on the go compact
-Cute design on the compact
-highlighter is beautiful
-Small portable compact
-decent size mirror

-some shadows chalky
-some shadows very sheer
-packaging quality isn't the best
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