Monday, May 30, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Tutorial (Summer Stash)

Bare Escentuals Eyelid Primer
"two"- highlight, tear duct
Cork (crease base color)- MAC Cosmetics
"one" - inner corner, lower lid
"three"- outer corner, lower lid
Embark (crease)- MAC Cosmetics
"four"- slightly in crease, under lower lashes
Penultimate Black Eye liner- MAC Cosmetics
#48 Lashes- MAC Cosmetics

Skinsheen Bronzer Stick "Gilty Bronze"- MAC Cosmetics
Magically Cool Liquid Powder "Cajun" - MAC Cosmetics

#1 NYX Baby Rose Megashine lip gloss
#2 Bust Out! Lipstick- MAC Cosmetics 

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Friday, May 27, 2011

MAC Surf Baby

 MAC Surf Baby Collection 2011
This collection is too cute. They had a lot of products that I have never seen or tried before which I was pretty excited about. The packaging was like old school surf boards. The colors were perfect for summer. They had a whole line of different bronzers in the collection which was my fave. Definitely a collection you gotta check out at MAC!

 My Products


 Bust Out! (Lustre)

Hibiscus (cremesheen)

Krazy Kahuna Lipglass

Skinsheen Bronzer Stick - Gilty Bronze

This bronzer is amazing. At first I was a little hesitant to use it because I use a powder foundation and I didnt know how a cream bronzer would lay on top of it. But I tried it and it worked out perfectly! Super easy to apply and it very very pigmented.This stick will last a long long time.

Crushes Metallic Pigments
Surf the Ocean



Crushed Metallic Pigments
Summer Stash


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Green Smoke

prime time Bare Escentuals eye lid primer
Nylon eyeshadow (brow highlight) MAC
Groundcover eyeshadow (crease 1) MAC Fashion Flower Collection
Femme Noir eyeshadow (crease 2) MAC
Bows and Curtsies eyeshadow (lower lid) MAC Fashion Flower Collection
Penultimate Rapid Black Liner MAC
#48 Lashes MAC + old cut up lashes for bottom lashes

Faux Tan Bare Escentuals
Magically Cool Liquid Powder "Cajun" MAC

NYX Nutmeg lip liner
Siss Lipstick MAC (right)
NYX Baby Rose Megashine lipgloss


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bring Out The Blue

The Inspiration:

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Eyelid Primer
Gesso Eyeshadow (highlight/lower lid) MAC
Groundcover Eyeshadow (all over lid) MAC Fashion
Flower Collection
Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow (crease) MAC
Penultimate Rapid Black Liner MAC
#48 Lashes Mac
Ocean Blue Pigment NYX (right)
Sapphire Eye Liner NYX

Nico Lipglass MAC
Astro Cool Lipglass MAC


Friday, May 13, 2011

MAC Face Chart/Kim K Inspired Makeup

Prime Time Eyelid Primer- Bare Escentuals
Jumbo Pencil Milk- NYX Cosmetics
Orb (highlight 1)- MAC Cosmetics
Gesso (highlight 2)- MAC Cosmetics
Wild By Nature (crease)- MAC Cosmetics
Cork (crease 2)- MAC Cosmetics
Naked Pigment- MAC Cosmetics
Embark (crease)- MAC Cosmetics
Black Eyeshadow- any brand will do
#48 Lashes- MAC Cosmetics

NYX "natural" lip pencil- NYX Cosmetics
Emily Buxom Lipgloss- Bare Escentuals
Baby Rose Mega Shine Gloss- NYX Cosmetics

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bright Jade Eyes

Wanted to use my new NYX Pearl Mania Pigment in Jade Pearl.This color is SO bright but I love it. It looks really pretty if you make your skin look nice and bronzy. Great for summer. Hope you guys like it!!
Makeup Level: EASY
Prime Time for eyes- Bare Escentuals
Nylon (highlight)- MAC Cosmetics
Cork (crease)- MAC Cosmetics
Jade Pearl- NYX Cosmetics
Penultimate Rapid Black Liner- MAC Cosmetics
#48 Lashes- MAC Cosmetics
Bronze All over face color (highlight)- Bare Escentuals
Nylon (highlight #2)- MAC Cosmetics

NYX Smokey Look Lipgloss- NYX Cosmetics
NYX Baby Rose Lipgloss- NYX Cosmetics

The look on my Channel:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ariel's April Obsessions Pt 3

Obsessions THREE: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania

 Left to Right: Black Pearl, Charcoal Pearl, Silver Pearl, White Pearl

Left to Right: Nude Pearl, Minx Pearl, Mocha Pearl, Walnut Pearl
 Left to Right: Pearl, Lilac Pearl, Purple Pearl

 Left to Right: Turquoise Pearl, Ocean Blue Pearl, Space Pearl

                             Left to Right: Lime Pearl, Grass Pearl, Jade Pearl



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