Friday, June 29, 2012

JewelMint: Natural Wonder Bracelets

Hi Everyone! I picked this set of bracelets from JewelMint this month and this piece is called The Natural Wonder Bracelets. I love bracelets that are in sets because I love how layering different pieces looks. As soon as I saw this, I pictured myself wearing this for fall. 

I really like the different textures and colors of the bracelets together. The gold bead bracelet and the crystal cup bracelet are elastic which is nice because it will be easy to fit anyone's wrist. The chain bracelet with the leaf embellishment is 7 inches long and can be adjusted in length. 

 These are so cute together and can definitely be paired with my other jewelry. Cant wait to rock this bracelet.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Glam Bag: June 2012

Happy June everyone! I can't believe its June already. Time flies by! I wanted to share with everyone what I got in my glam bag for this month. This months theme was "Out All Night." This bag included a bunch of different beauty products. 

The Bag- The bag this month was gold and glittery! I think they picked this one was because it can be easily used as a little clutch or makeup bag for at night. The bag also has a button closure.

Philosophy- Oil-Free Energizing Oxygen Gel Cream Moisturizer
Detoxifies and give a pretty glow to the skin

NYX Round Lipstick- velvety smooth mineral formula. Very creamy and nicely pigmented!

Living Proof Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream- keeps all hair styles frizz free, soft and smooth. Blocks humidity without silicone and heavy oils. 

Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen- Smudge free, waterproof, long lasting and semi permanent. 

Has anyone used these products before? What does everyone think of this months bag?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: Teeze W/ Eez

Hey Dolls!

I wanted to do a review on this teasing tool that was sent to me by Teeze W/ Eez. If you gals follow my YouTube channel and Facebook, you would know that I LOVE big hair. The bigger the better! I usually use a brush to tease my hair but I am always excited to try new styling tools for my hair. I have used a few different teasing combs in the past but I noticed this one was a little different. 

The first thing I noticed was the row of pins on the brush. There are two different size pins on this brush. The middle pins are short and straight, and the longer ones have a zig zag shape like a bobby pin. 

The handle of the brush comes to a point, also known as a rat tail, which is great for sectioning your hair before you tease. This comb comes in two different colors: a vibrant purple and a gunmetal color. I love the "bling" detail on the top of the brush to give it a girly look. This brush looks like it could be an accessory!

Here are some more features on this brush:
-"backcomb in one fourth of the time and have a smooth finish to comb back through."
-"ergonomic design handle decrease hand and wrist fatigue."
-"one stroke is like multiple strokes die to the multiple anti-static stainless steel pin design."

What do I think of this comb?
I love how the comb looks. Its very girlie! I definitely think this comb is less damaging than using a brush to tease hair. I do feel like I can get more body with a brush, but this definitely does the job too without being damaging. I did notice that at the end of the day, its very easy to comb out the tease when you are through with that hair style. I think this comb would work great for anyone one who has thinner hair. My hair is thick so I had to put a little but more effort to get more volume. I tried using this comb later on in the day to touch up some of my tease and add a little bit more body and it worked great!

This comb retails for about $24 and salon price is $12

For more info on where you can purchase this comb, then please visit the link below!

Have a great week everyone!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: MAC Extended Play Lash Macara

Hey Gals! MAC just came out with a new mascara called the "Extended Play Lash" so I had to pick it up and try it. I have never liked MAC mascaras in the past because the formulas were too heavy for my lashes and did nothing for them. What made me want to try the new one was the brush. When I pick mascaras out, the first thing I look at is the brush. 

The brush is long and thin with lots of short bristles. This mascara is also a light weight formula which usually works well with my lashes. This mascara claims to curl, lift and define lashes with a glossy shade of black. They say that this mascara is a 16 hour wear and smudge proof. 

I have been using this mascara for a couple days now and I am pretty happy with it. It really fluffs out my lashes and also adds length to them as well. The formula is not to heavy and "wet" and it doesn't seem to clump. It's very easy to take off at night with my MAC makeup wipes. I don't like the "tube" mascaras because they are usually messy when they get wet. I am glad this mascara is not like that. 

I will continue to use this mascara just to try something new. Would I buy this again? Yes, probably. This retails for $18 in California and there is about 8 grams of product.

Has anyone else tried it? What are your thoughts? xo

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: MAC Casual Color- Lip & Cheek Color

Hello Bloggers! Last week MAC came out with another collection called "Casual Color." This collection featured a limited edition cream product that was for the lips and cheeks. I thought this two-in-one product was great for someone on the go. 

 "Creamy, super-blendable, barely there formula. Contains Vitamin E to help keep skin and lips nourished" -MAC Website

There were 8 different colors to choose from and all of them were very different from each other. I felt that a lot of them were on the cooler side which I was kinda bummed about but maybe that was just me. I picked out two that I thought I would be able to use a lot. 

Keep It Loose 
"Warm Peach"

 Out For Fun
"Cool Coral"

I found that these are very creamy and very pigmented. They aren't too thick so they feel nice on the lips and would be easy to blend on the cheeks. I was a little disappointed that the "Keep It Loose" color was so cool looking on me. I wish it was a little but warmer. I feel like I would need to use a lip liner with this color. "Out For Fun" is nice on the lips but I think it would be used more as a blush color. Very pretty. It's weird that "Out For Fun" in described as a cool coral when it looks warm to me and "Keep It Loose" is described as warm but looks cool.

13 ml / 0.43 US fl oz
CA: $24

Monday, June 4, 2012

Foundation Routine: Liquid & Cream Products

Hey Dolls! Happy Monday. Today I wanted to challenge myself and only use liquid and cream products on my face for my foundation routine. If you guys dont know already, I use Bare Minerals foundation which is a loose mineral foundation. I have not put one drop of liquid foundation on my skin for about 2 1/2 years! Sometimes I miss it but for the most part, I don't miss a liquid foundation. I am so used to a mineral foundation so now a liquid feels so heavy. 

In this look I used only cream and liquid products. The only powder I used was my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil to set my foundation in my "T-zone" and a powder blush for my contour powder. 

Here is everything I used.....

1. Prep your skin with a good moisturizer. Foundation goes on better when your skin is nice and hydrated.
Product: Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer for Normal to Dry skin

2. Put on a primer next. A primer is a base for your foundation. It lays on top of a moisturizer which will lock in moisture. A primer will also create a smooth layer for your foundation to lay on. This is great for anyone with fine lines, large pores, and even wrinkles. It acts like a filler but still allows your skin to breath. Primer also extends the wear of your foundation making it last longer.
Product: Bare Minerals Prime Time

3. Apply Foundation.
Product: MAC Studio Finish Foundation in NC35. 
Brush: Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki

4. Conceal where needed.
Product: MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30
Brush: MAC 242 Brush/MAC 130 Brush

5. Apply Bronzer. I like to put bronzer on the outside of my face to help frame my face, contour, and add a healthy glow where the sun would naturally hit. (temples, cheekbones, jawline)
Product: MAC Skinsheen Bronzer Stick in Guilty Bronze
Brush: MAC 187 Brush

6.Contour Cheek Bones (optional). Placing a darker powder in the hollows of your cheek bones will create the perfect shadow to make your cheek bones stand out and look defined. 
Product: MAC Harmony Blush
Brush: Bare Minerals Angled Blush Brush

7. Cream Blush. Cream blushes are great for a dewy finish and healthy glow.
Product: NYX Cream blush in Tickled
Brush: Fingers or MAC 188 Brush

8. Liquid Cheek Highlight 
Product: MAC Lustre Drops
Brush: Fingers or MAC 188 Brush 

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