Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bare Escentuals Smokey Plum

Prime Time Eyelid Primer
Queen Phyllis Matte Eyeshadow (highlight)
Rapture Eyeshadow (base)
Devotion Eyeshadow (lower lid/under lower lash line)
Soul Sister Eyeshadow (crease/outer corners)
Onyx Liner Shadow + Eyelid Primer = Black Eyeliner
Indigo Big & Bright Eyeliner (under lower lashes)
Flawless Definition + Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascera
MAC #48 Lashes
Faux Tan Matte (cheek contour)
Love Radience (cheeks)
Rose Gossamer (cheek highlight) *clear radience alternative
Warmth All over face Color
Gabby Buxom Gloss

My YouTube Video For This Look:
Bare Escentuals Smokey Plum Eyes 

This was for my Bare Escentuals Fans. Let me know if you want to see more looks using only BE or if you want me to use certain products from BE. 

My Favorite Bronzers

Face Bronzers
Skinsheen Bronzer Stick
This bronzer is my favorite right now. This bronzer comes in a stick with three different colors. All of them are very pigmented and give you a beautiful sunkissed glow. The stick has a cream consistency and will give you a sheer-medium coverage. These are great for adding a little bit more color to your complextion, sculpting and shaping. Remember that these bronzers are very pigmented so a little goes a long way!!

The best area to apply this is on your cheek bones and temples for an added natural bronzed glow. If you want to use it for contouring, sweep it in the hollows of your cheeks for more definition. The best brushes to use for this bronzer is the 187 or 188 brush. Anything that has synthetic hairs will be perfect.  Little goes a long way!!

Guilty Bronze- Coppery bronze with gold (pictures shown)
Billionaire Bronze- Warm golden tan
Tan-Tint- Soft Suntan bronze

 MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder "Cajun"
Very light silky powder made formulated with 70% water. This powder reflects light and has a slight tint to it. The Cajun color is great for a shimmery bronzed look on your face. This is a powder but give a refreshing cool feeling when it touches your skin. Feels like its wet but goes on like a powder. 

The MAC 187 Brush would work best for this product for any synthetic hair brush. 

Cajun- reccomentded as a shimmery bronzer for light to olives skintones
Honey Rose- (best for a highlight)
Truth and Light- (best for a highlight)

Bare Escentuals "Faux Tan" All Over Face Color 
This is a loose mineral bronzer from Bare Escentuals that will give you more color to your complexion. This bronzer is nice to put on the outside of your face like on your temples, under your cheek bones and under your jaw line. This is more of a brown based bonzer compared to bare escentuals other all over face color "warmth" which has more of a red/warm undertone. The Faux Tan bronzer comes in two different finishes, matte and original. I personally like the original better. Nice powder for contouring too. Great for fair to medium skin tones.

Bare Escentuals "Warmth" All Over Face Color
This is a loose mineral powder that will give your face a nice hint of color as if you have gotten a nice tan. This bonzer has more of a warm red undertone. Can be mixed with a mineral foundation or can be used on the outside of the face to make you look a little but more tan. Looks nice on the temples, under or on cheekbones, and under the jaw. Also will help contour your face. Great for fair to medium skin tones.

Bare Escentuals "Faux Tan" Self Tanner
This is my favorite self tanner. What I like about this self tanner is that it doesnt smell as strong or as noticable as other self tanners out there and best of all, it gives your more of a olive undertone instead of a orange undertone. You will notice when you see the product it will have more of a green tint to it which will make your skin golden with a nice olive undertone. This can be applied with your hands or a synthetic brush. If you use your hands, make sure you are rubbing in the same direction so it blends evenly. When you apply this, it will give you a tint right away but the true color will come out a hour or two later which will be darker. From what I have experienced, it will last about 4-7 days. Great for all skin tones. Recommend using on the body only.

Victorias Secret Beach Sexy Tan Enhancing Shimmer Lotion with Tint
This lotion is so pretty. You instantly see a pretty shimmery finish which makes you feel like a bronzed goddess. This is not a self tanner but just a lotion that will enhance your tan with a slight shimmery tint. Perfect for all skin tones. 


Monday, June 13, 2011

Bare Escentuals Love & Happiness Kit

Love & Happiness Kit
This kit is perfect to create a look for summer. All the products have a shimmery finish to them to give you a sun kissed glow. These products are great to create an everyday look for school, a day at the beach, or something easy to do on your day off. 

Queen Phyllis Matte Eyecolor
I was so excited about this color. Queen Phyllis is a color that is a permanent in their eyeshadow collection and its one of the most popular colors.  If you love the original, you will love the matte. Its more subtle than the original and is perfect for a highlight, or perfect for a light satin finish on the lid.

swatch comparison:

Bare Escentuals Eye Primer "Brightening Sunlight"
Love the finish of this primer. Has a pretty warm glow to it. Can be used as a shimmery wash on the lid for a hint of color or can be used as a base for your shadow. These primers prevent creasing, and keeps your shadows perfect all day. No need for touch up. 

Love Radience 
This is a perfect color to pop on your cheeks for a shimmery peachy pink blush. 
(tip: use this as an eyeshadow color or mix with a clear gloss for your lips)


Big & Bright Eye Pencil in "Oz"
Pretty emerald green liner to add a pop of color to your lash line. 
(tip: use the smudger tool to smudge the liner to create a smokey shadow look with the green)


Best Friend Lip Balm
creamy lip balm to moisturize your lips while adding a hint of a raspberry color  

 My YouTube Video On This Look:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Surf Baby Tutorial (Surf the Ocean)

Prime Time eyelid Primer- Bare Escentuals
Summer Stash Pigment "one" (highlight)- MAC Cosmetics
Cork Eyeshadow (crease/base)- MAC Cosmetics 
Contrast Eyeshadow (cease) MAC Cosmetics
Surf the Ocean Pigment "two" (lower lid)- MAC Cosmetics
Surf the Ocean Pigment "three" (center lower lid)- MAC Cosmetics
Carbon Eyeshadow (crease)- MAC Cosmetics
Penultimate Liner Black- MAC Cosmetics
#48 Lashes- MAC Cosmetics

Magically Cool Liquid Powder "Honey Rose" (highlight)- MAC Cosmetics
Skinsheen Bronzer Stick "Guilty Bronze"- MAC Cosmetics

NYX Baby Rose Mega Shine Lipgloss

My Youtube Surf the Ocean Tutorial:

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