Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review: Khroma Beauty Kim's Kardazzle

Hey Gals. This is my second review on the new Khroma Beauty Palettes by the Kardashian Sisters. This is Kim's Dardazzle Palette. This small compact includes 8 shadows, a blush, highlighter, and a bronzer. 

These palettes retail for about $13 and can be found at some drug stores, Ulta, and select Sears stores. 

Kims palette has more of the cooler, smokier tones. Great for a dramatic smokey eye. The top shelf of this palette has 4 matte shadows and 4 shimmer shadows. I was a little disappointed on the application and pigmentation of the matte shades.  They were a little chalky and didnt apply super smooth. I did not like the color of the matte blue. Had a slight green undertone. The gray was very sheer. Not too pigmented. The matte black in this palette seemed chalky and looked like it would cause a mess during application.  

When it came to swatching the shimmery shades, I really was surprised by them. Very pigmented, almost felt creamy and had a nice application. They almost looked wet. Very pretty metallic finish. 

The bottom pan included a blush, highlighter, and bronzer. The blush in this palette is a matte bright pink. Seemed pretty pigmented. I was in love with the highlighter. Seemed like it had a duo chrome finish just like Khloe's palette. Seemed very pigmented and would be great as an eye shadow too. The bronzer color was nice but I probably wouldn't use it as a bronzer. I see myself using it more as a blush. 

Out of the three, this palette wasn't my favorite but I still want to experiment with it. Let me know your thoughts on this makeup line if you have used it. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: Khroma Beauty Khloe's Kardazzle

Ok Gals, I have been anxious to do this review. The Kardashian Sisters launched a makeup line called Khroma Beauty and it has launched recently. Its so new, they don't even have their website up yet for this line. You can find these products and some drug stores, select Sears Stores, and Ulta. 

A lot of bloggers, YouTubers, and reviewers and been talking about this new line. I have heard tons of bad reviews and only some positive reviews. I have been so excited myself to get my hands on these products. I researched on their products and was curious to see how they got rated. I put all the reviews aside and decided to review them myself. 

Out of their whole new line, the products that interested me the most were the palettes. Each Kardashian sister has their own palette and they are called Kardazzles. I got 2 out of the 3 palettes. The first one I wanted to review was Khloe's Palette.

This small compact has two trays. The top tray includes 8 eye shadows, and the bottom tray includes a blush, highlighter, and bronzer. I love how small and portable the compact it. The material and packaging of the compact might not be the best, but it works.

This compact includes 4 matte shadows and 4 shimmery shadows. Some of the lighter shades are pretty sheer. Not super pigmented. They are nice colors but you might have to layer them a bit. They would be nice base colors. The darker matte shade is very pigmented but can be a bit chalky. 

I was definitely surprised how the shimmery shades swatched. They almost seemed foiled, very pigmented and felt semi creamy. I didnt expect that. I think the colors are beautiful and cant wait to create looks with them. 

The second tray includes a blush, highlighter and bronzer. I love how this compact has a little bit of everything. 

The blush is more on the sheer side. I had to apply a couple layers to get some good color payoff. The blush is more of a peachy matte tone. I am curious to see how it applies on the face. 

I was super excited about the highlighter. Its beautiful! It's almost like a duo chrome finish. Very shimmery and pigmented. This would also look great as an eye shadow too. 

The "bronzer" it this palette didn't look like a bronzer to me. I looked as it more as a blush. In my opinion, it is too light to be a bronzer unless you are very fair. I could be wrong because I have not applied it on my face but after swatching it, it looked too light. 

After all the bad reviews, I am glad that I checked out this palette for myself. I am pretty happy with it and I will be be using it in the future. Let me know your thoughts and feelings on this palette if you have used it. :)

-Love the shimmery shadows
-Great colors
-Great on the go compact
-Cute design on the compact
-highlighter is beautiful
-Small portable compact
-decent size mirror

-some shadows chalky
-some shadows very sheer
-packaging quality isn't the best

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: E.L.F. Golden Bronzer

Hey Gals. I went to Target the other day and I decided to do a little E.L.F. haul and try out some of their products. Some of their products are hit and miss. I would say this one was right in between.

This is a bronzer from their E.L.F. studio line called "Golden Bronzer". I paid about $3 for this at Target. There are 4 different blocks of colors in this compact that you can swirl together or use individually. 

When I swatched this on my hand it looked more like a great cheek highlighter rather than a bronzer. When I think of bronzer, I think of a powder that I can use to contour my face, give me a healthy warm glow and it's a powder I can use to make me look a little darker. I use a highlighter to brighten and make areas stand out on my face like me cheek bones.  

This Golden Bronzer claims to give " a healthy looking glow with this shimmering powder," and that the "sheer soft powders provide an illuminating shimmer." I agree with all of this. If you are looking for a product that will give you a glow and a touch of color this is great especially for the price.  

(left to right, top to bottom)

 This swatch is when all the colors are blended together

If you are looking for an inexpensive golden cheek highlighter, this is one to check out. 


Friday, November 16, 2012

My Favorite Fall Nail Polishes By Essie

It's that time of year where you go darker with your nail polish. I love rocking dark, rich tones on my nails during this fall/winter season. Essie Nail polish is one of my favorite nail polishes to use. I have always been really happy with the pigmentation, color payoff, and the consistency. 

These are some of my favorite Essie polishes to use at this time. Maybe you will find some new ones to try this year!

 (left to right) Stylenomics, Power Clutch, and Licorice


(left to right) Devil's Advocate, Damsel in a Dress, Carry On, and Skirting the Issue

Essie is around $8 and can be found at some drug stores, Ulta, Target, Kohl's and Beauty Supply Stores. :)

What are your favorite Essie Nail Polishes for fall?? 



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: Bare Minerals "The Dream Team" Brush Collection

Finally got my hands on this brush set from Bare Minerals. This is a brush collection called the Dream Team that includes 5 brushes for face and eyes. This kit retails for $49 and can be found wherever Bare Minerals is sold. 

All five of these brushes are full size. My favorite part about them is that they are synthetic. Synthetic brushes are made of artificial hair for those who don't know. I love synthetic brushes over real hair brushes for two reasons...
1. They are super soft
2. They last longer than brushes made of real hair

This set also includes a brush bag. The brush bag has a zippered closure to make sure your brushes are secure. The brush bag is nice. I love the gold finish of it to match the gold handles. 

Inside the brush bag are a few slots to hold the different brushes into place. There is also a fabric flap that lays over the brushes to keep their shape and make sure they wont get damaged.

There are a total of 5 full size brushes. Two brushes are for the face, and the other 3 are for the eyes.

Soft Focus Face Brush: This brush is great for foundation. This will give a light sweep of product for a light coverage.

Contour Blush Brush: This brush is great for blush. This is a tapered brush that is great to apply cheek color. You can get a light to medium coverage.

Eye Shaping Brush:This brush is great to sweep on eye color and also define the crease

Tapered Shadow Brush: This is great to pack on eye color

Eyeliner Brush: This is great for liquid liner. The hair is very thin so you can achieve a thin line. 

This collection is great for a gift, or a great set for some basic brushes. 

Check out my YouTube Video to see more holiday sets from Bare Minerals 

Review: Bare Minerals "Simply Irresistible" Collection


 Bare Minerals launched this beautiful sets as part of their holiday selection this year. This is a 9 piece collection for eyes, lips, and cheeks. You get a little bit of everything in this set. This kit retails for $49 which is such a deal for all that you get. 

The collection comes in a really pretty gold box that can be used later for other things. I love the gold cap details. It really makes the kit special and luxurious. 


This collection includes...

 3 loose Bare Mineral Shadows. One is a permanent color at BE and the others are exclusive to the collection.

(left to right) Posh, Queen Phyllis (permanent), and Heirloom

Posh is a charcoal brown with flecks of gold glitter. Great for a smokey eye or to contour your lid. Queen Phyllis is an oldie but a goodie. This is a color thats always available at Bare Minerals and is a really popular color. Queen Phyllis is shimmery champagne color shadow. Posh is a smokey green with a hint of gold shimmer. 

(left to right) 100% Natural Lipgloss in Pink Marzipan, Blush in Charm, Secret Radiance, and Round the Clock Black waterproof Eye liner

This collection also includes a 100% natural lipgloss that is in a bright hot pink, a matte loose mineral blush in a bright hot pink, a radiance, black waterproof eyeliner and the black curl and lengthen mascara. You will also get a double ended brush. One end is a tapered blush brush, and the other is a shadow brush. 

I am so happy that Secret Radiance is in this collection. This was in a holiday collection about a couple years ago and was a product I have always loved. Its the prettiest radiance that Bare Minerals makes. It's the perfect golden shimmer. This looks amazing on the cheek bones, and even on your eyes. You can even use this to give a glow on your body. 

This is a great collection to get as a gift or even for yourself to create a new look for the holidays. All full size products are in this kit and is totally worth the price. Definitely a kit I recommend checking out. 


Check out my YouTube video of more holiday sets from Bare Minerals

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Bare Minerals "The Royal Treatment" Collection

I am so excited about this set from Bare Minerals. As soon as Bare Minerals launched this as part of their holiday collections, I had to snatch it! So many great things about this set. 

This kit is a 18 piece collection for face, eyes, and lips. The collection also includes an awesome makeup bag that I couldn't pass up. This kit retails for $85 and is worth every penny.

The collection comes with a silver roll up makeup bag that has 4 separate zippered compartments. This is great for traveling, or an organized way to store your everyday makeup products. 

My favorite part of this collection has to be the eye shadows. There are 8 different mini loose mineral eye shadows that are included. A few of them are re promotes, one is permanent, and a couple are exclusive to this kit. 

(left to right) Dark chocolate (re-promote), 1990s (permanent), Sapphire Sky, Smoked gray, Glamorista, Vintage Ruby, Magnolia, Satin Ruffle (re-promote)  

 Another great product that comes in this collection is a MINI translucent mineral veil. The size of this is adorable! I'm a sucker for products that are mini. There is also a blush which is exclusive to this kit and an all over face color that is a permanent product at BE. 

 (left to right) Glee all over face color, Crushed Velvet Blush

To complete this kit, they included 2 lip colors, one eye shadow primer, and one mascara. The mascara included in this collection is a mini flawless definition mascara. This mascara is great for separation of the lashes for definition. 

The Bare Minerals Brightening eyelid primer is a great warm base for the shadows. This primer will give a golden undertone. This primer prevents creasing, makes the shadows last all day, and brings out the pigment. 

To complete this collection, you get two lip colors. Papaya Smoothie is a mini 100% natural lipgloss that has a peachy undertone. A mini Marvelous Moxie lipgloss is also included. This one gives a minty cool feeling to the lips and has a lot of color pay off. 

(left to right) Marvelous Moxie in Renegade, and 100% Natural Lipgloss in Papaya Smoothie

I love this kit and I cannot wait to play around with it. The colors are beautiful and you can create some amazing looks with these products. Better get your hands on this kit asap!

Check out my Haul of more amazing Bare Mineral Products from Holiday:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bare Minerals "Fired Up" Tutorial

Hey Gals! I did this look a couple weeks ago but I thought I would share more pics and list the products that I used. This look was created from the Bare Minerals "Fired Up" Palette from Sephora. This is a great Holiday party look!

Makeup Used:

.Bare Minerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer 
.Bare Minerals Flare Shadow for brow highlight
.Bare Minerals Hot Spell- crease, lower lash line
.Bare Minerals Fuze Shadow-lower lid
.Bare Minerals Sizzle Shadow- Inner Corner, Around Tear Duct
.Bare Minerals Round the Clock Waterproof Liner in Midnight-Eyeliner
.Lashes Eylure #202

.Bare Minerals READY Bronzer in The High Dive
.MAC Blush in Harmony for contour powder
.Bare Minerals Blush in The Turn On
.Bare Minerals Flare Shadow for Cheek Highlight

.Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie in Smokin Hot

Check out my YouTube Tutorial on this look:
 Happy Holidays! -Ariel


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