Whats your ethnicity?
Mexican, Italian, Portuguese

What foundation do you wear?
I'm in love with Bare Minearls Foundation in the Original Formula. Looks natural, feels light weight, and give great coverage

What color is your hair?
My hair dresser makes a custom color and I think every time its a little bit different. She mixes three different colors. The brand of hair color she uses is from Scruples.

What do you ask for when you get your hair cut?
I always ask for lots of layers and texturizing. My layers usually start at the bottom of my lip. I ask for texturizing at the top so I can get lots of volume with teasing. I also ask for layers that frame my face. I don't like my ends to be blunt so I ask for a "point cut."

What skincare do you use?
I'm religious about my Bare Minerals Skincare. I use it everyday. I use the purifying facial cleanser day and night, Renew and Hydrate Eye cream day and night, Purifying Facial Cream at night, the serum at night, glow pads at night, and the purely nourishing moisturizer for normal to dry skin during the day.

Where do I work?
I probably get asked this the most. Honestly I don't like to let everyone know where I work. I will say that I do work for a makeup company ;)

Whats your favorite nail polish brands?
Essie and OPI

Where did you go to makeup school?
MKC Academy in LA

Why do I wear so much makeup? 
Yes, I do wear a lot of makeup. Do I need as much as I use? Probably not. BUT, I am a makeup artist, it's what I do, and its FUN! duh. 
Please let me know if there are any questions that I didn't answer. I'd love to answer more ;)


  1. Hi my name is Moddy, and I love your Youtube channel. I wanted to know if you could post the make up brushes you use for your everyday makeup look. PS I don't think you wear a lot of makeup (:

  2. Are you married? Sorry to ask but I'm curious How old are you?? You look very young!

  3. Do you get your bare minerals products and other products free since you do so much promotion for them?

  4. Question, are you a MAC C4 equivalent?

  5. What spray product did you use on your hair in one of your YouTube tutorials before using a curling iron on it? (It looked like it was in a pink aerosol can). I appreciate the information!


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