Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: BareMinerals SPF 20 Correcting Concealer

Bare Minerals just came out with a brand new concealer. This concealer is a light weight cream concealer that will conceal blemishes, under eye circles and any other imperfections. For Bare Minerals to come out with a cream product is huge. They are known for their loose mineral powders. 

This concealer is not only to help hide imperfections but also reduces the appearance of any dark spots over time. There is also SPF20 so you will get sunscreen protection which is always a plus. 

I like this concealer because its light weight but gives you great coverage. I use this concealer to hide my dark circles, on top of any blemishes I need to hide, and to create a clean edge around my brows. 

If you want a color comparison, I use Bare Minerals Medium Beige Foundation and the Medium 2 Concealer works for me. Another comparison would be my concealer from MAC which is the Studio Finish in NC20 and my foundation is NC30. If you are any of these colors, Medium 2 would work for you. 

There is a huge range of colors for the concealers. They also have cool tones and warm tones. You should be able to find a perfect concealer that will match your complexion.

Medium 1 has Pink undertones
Medium 2 has more golden/yellow undertones

When I apply the concealer, I like to use the max coverage concealer brush to pat on the area to conceal, then you can either use your finger to blend out the edges, or even a fluffy brush. Less is more with this concealer. Little goes a long way!

I love the compact. It's nice and small but you still get a lot of product (2g/ 0.07 Oz.) It's great for traveling and there is also a mirror inside which is great for on the go application. 

Definitely give this concealer a try. Don't worry, the loose mineral concealers aren't going anywhere either. Now you just have more options for concealers. Yay! These concealers retail for $20 and can be found online, Bare Mineral Boutiques and any other places that sell Bare Minerals.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Juicy Red & Frosted Beige

Hey Gals! I picked up two new Mega Shine Lip Glosses when I was at IMATS. These are two colors that I didn't have that I needed to add to my collection. Plus I think these are great during summer time!

Juicy Red is a perfect name for this lip gloss. I love red lip glosses or lipsticks but sometimes they seem just a bit too much. This gloss is perfect because its sheer but you still get that pretty red glossy finish.

Frosted Beige is a really nice nude gloss. Its more of a skin tone color with a shimmery frosty finish. The name says it all! I really like to pair this gloss with my MAC Strip Down lip pencil. Great everyday nude look. 

 (left to right) Juicy Red, Frosted Beige

These glosses retail for$5.50 with 15mL/0.53fl oz. of product. These are definitely some fun colors to try!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Bare Minerals Well-Rested Face & Eye Brightener

If you are familiar with Bare Minerals, then you know about the original Bare Minerals Well Rested. This is a loose mineral eye brightener that you can use under or around the eye area to help brighten and make you look "well rested." Now they launched another well rested that is a face and eye brightener in a creamy liquid form. 

This Well-Rested will help brighten the complexion for a natural looking glow. This formula contains light reflecting minerals  what will help even the skin tone, minimize dark spots and discoloration over time. 

How to use this product:
-Turn the bottom of the pen clockwise to start the flow of product. (It takes a second for the product to come out the first time you use it)

- Use the brush tip end to apply the product. You can use it around the inner corner of your eye, or under you eyes to help reduce the appearance of dark circles. You can use your finger to help blend out the edges. 

-This product also looks nice on the top of your cheek bones for a healthy glow. You can use your finger to pat on the product then smooth out the edges. 

-This product can be used before or after foundation. 

What do I think?
This product does seem to brighten a little but I think it's very subtle. I think its great for on the go but I think I am still a fan of the original Well Rested product. I am curious to see if it does reduce the appearance of dark circles over time. 

The original Bare Minerals Well Rested is not going anywhere or being replaced so don't freak out :) 

Review: MAC Heavenly Creature (Face)

MAC came out with a new collection called Heavenly Creature that included 4 marbleized blushes and skinfinishes. I am such a sucker for mineral products and one of my favorite mineral product to buy is MACs skinfinishes.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Year (peachy pink with gold shimmer)

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Star Wonder (plumy pink with pearl finish)

Light Year and Star Wonder

The Skinfinishes are nice for different highlights on the face. I like how these had a little bit more color so these would be great as a shimmery blush, layered over a blush, or even an eyeshadow. 

MAC Mineral Blush in Solar Ray (peach with gold swirl)

I picked up one blush from the collection. I enjoy the mineral blushes especially during summer time because it gives your cheeks a pretty shimmery glow. They go on very smooth and are nice and pigmented. 

Check out my video using some of these products:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

JewelMint: Houdini Bracelets

Hey Dolls! I got another piece of jewelry to add to my collection. This is another bracelet I got from JewelMint this month. They had a lot of great things so it was hard to choose. I love jewelry that is different, unique, and is a piece I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.

This is called the Houdini Bracelet. I loved this bracelet the minute I saw it. So cute and so different! They look like handcuffs! I love how they look old and vintage and also had some bling on there to dress it up!

There is a 3 Inch chain that is attached to one of the bracelets. This can keep the bracelets together or can be removed so you can wear them by them selves. 

Here is the little bling detail that I think is really cute and makes it girly. The bracelet is 2 1/2 inches wide to slip over your wrists. This is actually a little snug for me but I can manage to remove them when I need too. 

What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review: Bare Minerals READY Eyeshadow 4.0 The Rare Find

Hey BE Fans! Bare Minerals finally came out with 2 new Eyeshadow Quads which is part of the Supernatural Collection. This one that I will be talking about is called "The Rare Find." This palette has 4 warm tone shadows and they are all gorgeous!

Lost for Words- neutral beige
Surreal- soft shimmery gold
Eureka- metallic moss
Frisson- rusty auburn

(left to right): Lost for Words, Surreal, Eureka, Frisson

I am definitely a fan of this palette. I have always loved the new solid eye shadows from BE. They are super creamy, very pigmented, and goes on incredibly smooth. I can definitely see myself wear the soft neutral shades for everyday and easily build up the look for night with the pretty reddish brown and the metallic moss color. This palette would be a great "go-to" look for fall. 

I think my favorite color is "Lost for Words." Its such a perfect base color with a really pretty finish. I do love my neutrals! 

This quad retails for $30 and is limited edition!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: MAC Heavenly Creature (lips)

Hey gals! Its that time where I go and stock up on new products from MAC. These recently came out in the collection from MAC called Heavenly Creature. I'm so happy they had a pretty good size lip collection. I got 2 lipsticks and 3 Cremesheen glasses.

This collection had my favorite type of lip product which is the cremesheen glass. I got 3 out of the 5 colors. I liked that these have a slight shimmer and are more on the bright side. Great for summer :)

I have said this many times before but I love the cremesheen glass. They are super creamy and not sticky. They look great by themselves or layered over a lipstick. 

 Left to Right: Celestial Kiss (pale cool peach), Meteoric (midtone vibrant coral),
 Astral (bright yellow pink)

From this collection I only decided to get two lipsticks. I liked these because they would be great for everyday and would look like with a color layered on top.

 MAC Pleasure Seeker Lipstick (glaze)
MAC Cusp of Dawn (lustre)

left to right: Pleasure Seeker (creamy peach), Cusp of Dawn (beiged pink)

Hope you guys like what I got. Thought I would share my thoughts and pictures so it can help you decide on what you wanted to purchase. What are you going to get from this collection? Happy Shopping! xx

Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: NYX Slim Eye Pencil vs. NYX Glossy Black Liner

This is a new product from NYX that I picked up at IMATS. I wanted to get a new black eye pencil because I was out and was planning on just picking up the regular black eye pencil from NYX. I came across their new eye liner line called Collection Noir. Its a line with tons of different eye liners. The one that caught my attention was the new Glossy Black Liner. 

The word "glossy" really caught my attention and thought I would try it out. I loved it when I swatched it on my hand. It was creamy and it looked glossy and wet. I also liked that it's a retractable pencil which is my favorite. 

I bought the original NYX Black eye pencil and the NYX Glossy Black liner to compare the two. 

NYX Glossy Black Liner
-Retractable pencil
-0.28 g (0.01oz) of product
- creamy
-glossy finish 

NYX Black Slim Eye Pencil
-Must be sharpened
- long wearing formula
-smudge proof
-1 g (0.04oz) of product

I do like both of these but I think the Glossy Black liner is fun. I will most likely switch back and fourth between finishes. I like the fact that I have more options. Which one do you like?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Bare Minerals READY Eyeshadow 4.0 "The Happy Place"

Here is another new quad from Bare Minerals! This quad is from their Super Natural Collection. These shadows are more on the cooler side and all have beautiful finishes. 

 Peace- soft apricot
Imagine- rose gold
Exhale- smokey taupe
Euphoria- eggplant 

These colors are so pretty! I cant decide which is my favorite color. I think I like Euphoria the best. All of them are super pigmented and apply flawlessly! This can easily be used for a day look then bumped up to a night look with the darker shades. 

peace, imagine, exhale, euphoria

This quad is Limited Edition and retails for $30. I would definitely get your hand on this quad before its gone!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: NYX Roll On Shimmer

Hey Gals!
A couple months ago I tried these new eye shadows from NYX. One of these came in my MyGlam bag and I loved it. I went to IMATS recently and picked up a few more colors at their booth. 

These shadows are awesome. Usually I am totally not a fan of "roll on" products because I dont like the application and they usually don't apply very smooth. These roll on shimmers are super pigmented. I was surprised. You can make them light and sheer or can roll on more layers to make them super vibrant. 

 Roller ball applicator

These come in 16 different colors are retail for only $3.50. You also get about 1.5g of product. I was totally drawn to the neutral colors (go figure) and got 3 of them.

I can totally see myself layering these over a shadow for a little extra shimmer. They would also look great right on the center of the lower lid for a little shimmery highlight. 
Chestnut, Walnut, Almond

Has anyone tried these out yet? What do you think of them? xo
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