Monday, February 13, 2012

Sample Sundays: Aquolina Pink Sugar Perfume

Hey gals,
Tonight I decided I would do a review on a perfume. I always see this perfume at Sephora and everytime I pass by it on the shelf, I have to stop and smell it. It basically smells like sweet heaven! I love really sweet smelling perfumes and this scent is nothing but that. 

Here is a list of what makes this perfume smell so good:
Bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, Fig Leaves, Lily of the Valley, Licorice, Strawberry, Red Fruit, Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Caramel, Musk, Wood, Powder.

 Another thing that I really like about this line is that they have a lot more products with this same scent. Other products you can find are body spray, body mousse, hair perfume spray, shower gel, and shimmering body lotion. If you are like me, and I find a scent that I like, I want everything to smell like that! So its nice that there are options. I not sure you can get all these products everywhere but I know you can get them at Sephora. I have also seen this scent at Target too. 

This perfume comes is different sizes. You can get the 1oz for $30, the 1.7oz for $45 and the big 3.4oz size for $60. 

Next time you see this perfume, just give it a quick spray and smell it! Let me know what you think! Happy Sunday!

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