Monday, March 28, 2011

Bronzed Babe

Can you tell I'm ready for summer? I'm ready to be tan, and ready for the summer glow. 

Nylon Eyeshadow (highlight)- MAC Cosmetics
Cork Eyeshadow (crease)- MAC Cosmetics
Brown Script (crease 2)- MAC Cosmetics
Woodwinked??? (lower lid) (cant remember the color, any bronze will do)- MAC Cosmetics
Dark Matte Brown (crease 3)- random palette, no name
Fascinating Liner (waterline) - MAC Cosmetics
#48 Lashes- MAC Cosmetics
Bronze (cheek highlight) - Bare Escentuals
Faux Tan Matte (cheek contour)- Bare Escentuals
Prime Time Brightening - Bare Escentuals
Any bright peach blush for cheeks 


NYX diamond sparkle Lipstick "sparkling nude"- NYX Cosmetics
NYX Megashine lipgloss "smokey look"- 

Bare Escentuals 
NYX Cosmetics 
MAC Cosmetics 

Holy Glitter

Holy Glitter. This look was fun to do. I have so many glitters and I never have a chance to use them. Fun look for going out or for a special occasion. 

Eye Products:
Prime Time- Bare Escentuals Eyelid Primer
Cork (crease 1)- MAC Cosmetics
Brown Script (crease 2)- MAC Cosmetics
Embark (crease 3)- MAC Cosmetics
Believer (highlight, lower lid color)- Kat Von D Eyeshadow
Milk- NYX Jumbo Pencil
Spun Silver Glitter Liner- MAC Cosmetics
Reflects Pearl Glitter- MAC Cosmetics 
Facinating Eye Liner- MAC Cosmetics
#48 Lashes -MAC Cosmetics
Fuschia Lip Liner- NYX
Dolly Pink Gloss -NYX

Friday, March 25, 2011

Turquoise Eyes


Thought I would dig out my Coastal Scents Palette. Wanted to keep it soft with a pop of color. 

Products Used

Prime Time- Bare Escentuals (eyelid primer)
Nylon - MAC Eyeshadow (highlight)
Cork- MAC Eyeshadow (crease)
Coastal Scents Palette- color used (shown below)
Embark- MAC Eyeshadow (crease 2)
Rapid Black Penultimate Liquid Liner - Mac Cosmetics
Fascinating Eye Pencil- MAC Cosmetics 
#48 Lashes- MAC Cosmetics
Lip Products:
Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lipgloss -Strawberry Shortcake
Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lipgloss- 7 Layer Cake


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ready For Spring- Purple Eyes

Its almost spring... even tho the rain wont stop.
I decided that I was bored with using brown all the time so I switched it up and used colors. Hope this look will brighten up your rainy day!

Products Used

Prime Time- Bare Escentuals eyelid primer
Nylon- MAC cosmetics eyeshadow (highlight)
Coastal Scents 88 Palette
Fascinating- MAC Cosmetics eyeliner pencil
Point Black Penultimate- MAC Cosmetics liquid liner
#48 Lashes- MAC Cosmetics
Utterly Discrete Lipglass- MAC Cosmetics

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Eyes For St. Pattys Day

Yes, I have green eyeshadow on and its almost St. Pattys day. BUT that doesnt mean you can only wear this on St. Patrick's day! (but i would wear green so you dont get pinched ...hehe) This look was fun to do. Have a safe holiday!!!

Products Used:

MAC Nylon eyeshadow (highlight)
MAC Cork eyeshadow (crease/base)
MAC eyeshadow (bright green in crease)
MAC Humid eyeshadow (lower lid)
MAC Jealous Kohl Eyeliner
MAC Penultimate Rapid Black Liner

MAC Lip Pencil Stripdown
Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lipstick French Pastry
Bare Escentuals Buxom Lipgloss Leslie (Available in Girlfriend Collection Only)
MAC Lipgloss in Lustre White

This look was inspired by...

(To the Beach Collection by MAC Cosmetics)




Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rapunzel Rapunzel Hair Extensions (Part 1)

Just got my extensions in the mail and I am in love. I am so glad i came across this site. At first I was a little scared to order hair extensions over the internet because i didnt know if they would be good quality and i didnt want to pick the wrong color. So I researched the website and they got pretty good reviews. So i ended up ordering myself a set. 

The only downer to this website was that there wasnt a way for you to track your order. They gave you an order number which linked you back to their website to your invoice to your order. It would tell you the status of your order but mine always said "dispatched." They said it would take 3-7 business days but i never would know when it was actually shipped out to calculate around when they would arrive. I ordered them the 4th of March and they came the 14th. 

You have a couple of choices when you order the extensions. First you pick between "clip in" hair extensions, or you have the choice of just the weft. 
The Clip-Ins are $89.99
The Wefts are $74.99

They each come in 3 different styles:
Remi Straight, Remi Deep Wave, and Remi Italian Curl

The Clip Ins do have the option of highlights. They are smaller pieces that you can clip in to add a few highlights, lowlights, or brights colors. (these will probably be the next purchase)  =) These are $25.49

All of the extensions come in only one length, 18 inches which is still pretty long)
I will be making another post and video when I get them sewn in. Cant wait!!

Visit their website: 
Rapunzel Rapunzel Extensions

Smokey Eyes With Bronze Glitter

Another smokey eye with some bronze glitter. I know I do a smokey eye a lot but who doesnt like a smokey eye!? =) This was my first attempt to do a cut crease. It was hard. So props to those girls who can do it piece of cake! xo

 Products Used
-My four "go to" eyeshadows: Nylon, Saddle, Brown Script, and Embark

Michaels Pigments
-The Pigment I used I actually bought for Michaels. (yes, the arts and crafts store) They have these pigments there and have 12 pigments to a pack for only like 20 bucks. They have two different kits. I have used them on myself and havent irritated my eyes or anything. Test them on your arm before using them. But so far they have worked fine on me. The color I used is called Antique Copper
*Pigment kit from Michaels to the right
-MAC Pigment
The Glitter I used was from the Christmas collection from this past year. I think they still have this on the MAC website or maybe the pro website.
*The color is to the left 

Sephora Glitter Application Brush $13
-The applicator for the glitter was actually a gift from my coworker. She got this at Sephora for me. Its great for those loose glitters you want to use. It keep the glitter on the applicator and helps prevent fallout.

Bare Escentuals Lip Liner in Shell $14
MAC Dazzleglass in Get Rich Quick $22


Monday, March 14, 2011

My Everyday Products (FACE)

These have been the products I use in my everyday face/foundation routine. I have been using them for a year 1/2 now and I wont use anything else. I wish I had discovered these products a long time ago. I would recommend these to anyone!! xo

Bare Escentuals Face Primer
This stuff is a must have. I have used many primers and i like this one the best. A little goes a long way so this bottle lasts me so long (6 months or more). It makes your skin feel so smooth and creates that smooth texture so your foundation lays really smooth over it. Also makes my foundation last longer, and lock in moisture from a moisturizer.Wouldn't wear foundation without it. They also make a new Brightening primer which I am using now instead of the original. Gives your skin a golden youthful glow which shines through your foundation.

Bare Escentuals Foundation- Medium Beige (original)
This stuff is a miracle. It will be the foundation I will use for the rest of my life. I wish i knew about it a long time ago. I can talk about it for hours. I have used many foundations and this is the one for me. Im the kind of girl that loves coverage! A lot of people think because its a powder, it will make my skin look dry and not cover my imperfections. Let me tell you, It does cover. Its actually foundation made of crushed minerals. Even tho its in loose form like a powder, its very creamy to the touch when you feel it in between your fingers. It also has SPF 15 for sun protection. The original foundation also give a natural glow to your skin which is great if your skin is more on the dry side. If your skin in oily then they also make the MATTE foundation which gives you a shine free finish ($28). What sold me besides the coverage was how it felt on my face. It did not feel like a was wearing an inch thick layer of foundation. I cant feel it at all when I wear it.  It also doesn't make me look like i am wearing a foundation. I think everyone should try it at least once.

Bare Escentuals Concealer- Summer Bisque
This is the concealer I use over my foundation. It gives a pretty good coverage. I can scar really dark so sometimes a use a cream concealer under my foundation, then the summer bisque on top. I use this concealer under my eyes and over my blemishes. The plus about this concealer is that is has SPF 20 in it. This container will last you quite a long time too.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer- NC20
This concealer is great for coverage. This is a cream concealer. I mostly use this under my eyes, on my eye lids for a base, and around my brows to shape them and clean up the edges. This concealer has SPF 35. yay. It is VERY thick so if you want something a little lighter, then this might not be the product for you.

Bare Escentuals Well Rested Eye Brightener
This the best for dark circles under the eyes! I just pat this over my summer bisque concealer to brighten under my eyes. It totally reflects light and makes me look more awake. They say you can use this on all skin types, but from experience, I dont think this product would be warm enough for the darker skin tones. But try it first. This brightener also has SPF 20. You can also use this under your brows for a subtle highlight.

Bare Escentuals All over Face Color- Warmth
I use this for my bronzer. I used this on the outside of my face over my foundation. Warmth give a perfect amount of color on my face to warm me up. Without it I look super pale....and thats no bueno. It is a very dark color so a tiny bit goes a long way. 

 Bare Minerals All Over Face Color- Faux Tan
This is what I use to contour. I used this under my cheek bones to create that shadow to make my cheek bones stand out. This powder compared to "warmth" is a more brown vs. red. This is a great powder to create those shadows and really shape your face. Little goes a long way. My container has lasted me a year and a half. 



My Everyday Products (EYES)

These are products I have used for about and year now and are products I will always use in my everyday eye application.You will see these the most in my videos. So get used to them!! =) They would be considered my "go to" key products. They work for me, maybe they will work for you. xo

Bare Escentuals- Prime Time eyelid primer (original)
I have tried a lot of primers and this one seems to be the best for me. It has a creamy texture with a slight tint. It works for all skin tones because when you rub it in, it blends into your natural skin tone. You can use this primer for matte eye shadows, shimmery eye shadows, loose and pressed eye shadows. The amount you get is a lot. A little goes a long way. The primer prevents creasing, creates a smooth base on your lid, brings out the pigments in your eyeshadow, and keep your eyeshadow on all day! And I mean...ALL  DAY!

Bare Escentuals- Flawless Definition Mascara & Volumizing Flawless Definition Mascara
The flawless definition mascara is great for separating and lengthening. Its not a heavy mascara so its not going to weigh down your lashes or clump. The brush has tiny little bristles to act like a comb to separate those lashes. This mascara will also condition your lashes. Comes in espresso or intense black. The Volumizing flawless definition mascara is great for making your lashes super thick and full. The brush is really big.  Couple coats of this and your good to go. I actually use this over the other mascara so I get my length and voluminous lashes!

MAC Penultimate Eye Liner- Rapid Black
This liner has a pen-style narrow tip for easy application. Its really easy to control, and great if you want a nice thin, fine line. Its nice for people who dont have a very steady hand for a liquid liner. (I know my hand isnt steady) =)
Bare Escentuals Big and Bright Eyeliner - Intense Black
I love this liner pencil. Its super creamy so it glides on nicely without tugging and pulling at your lid. When apply this liner, its almost impossible to mess up. The best feature about it is that it that a smudger at the end of the pencil for when you want to soften the liner, blend it you make a mistake, or smudge up for an eyeshadow look. There is also a sharpener underneath the smudger. I never have a sharpener handy so its nice that it has everything in one. These liners also stay on all day for me and dont bleed. These pencils also come in 5 other everyday colors.

MAC Brow Shader- Ivoire/Walnut
This has been my only brow product I have ever used. Its awesome. It has lasted for 7 years!!! So a little goes a long way. The only downer to this product is that MAC stopped making it. I know you can find it on random sites online but I wish they still made it. It comes with your brow color and a highlight color. I never used the highlight color tho.

MAC Eye shadows
$17.50 each
These colors are my favorite. You will probably see me use these the most in my videos. They are just my basic, "go to" eye shadows. Colors from left to right: Nylon, Cork, Saddle, and Embark. You can either by these in their normal containers, or if you have a pallet, you can just buy the pans which are cheaper but still is the same amount of product.

Bare Escentuals
MAC Cosmetics

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Riveting Rose

Holy Lipstick. This color is amazing. I cant say it enough. It is so pretty. It looks awesome with the Lipgloss on top. This is another smokey eye but more brown based. Definitely more wearable than my black smokey eyes with the lady gaga lipgloss. Even tho the eyes are dark, they are still neutral so you can pull off a bold lip. If you dont want a bold lip and want something more everyday, just add a neutral gloss or a lipstick with a hint of color. You can really go anywhere with this look. 
The Lipstick and gloss were from the Jeanius Collection from MAC. Like i said in my video, I was kinda disappointed. The eyeshadow colors seemed like colors they have had before. On the bright side, they were larger than their regular eyeshadows they carry and are very pigmented. I loved how they looked like jeans!! All the lipglosses and the lipsticks were pretty, but i was drawn to Riveting rose lipstick, and Indigo pink gloss the most. I liked the nailpolishes. The blue (biker blue) nailpolish was really pretty in the bottle, but I noticed when I put it on my nails, it wasnt as glittery as it looked. The white was cool. I havent seen one like that at MAC before. It dried with with a matte finish.  Only reason I didnt get it was because i knew I wouldnt wear it. 


Products Used
Prime Time (eyeprimer)- Bare Escentuals
Nylon (highlight)- MAC cosmetics
Saddle (crease#1)- MAC cosmetics
Leather (lower Lid)- Kat Von D Palette 
Handwritten (crease#2)- MAC cosmetics
Embark (crease#3)- MAC cosmetics
Rapid Black (eye liner)- MAC Cosmetics
Intense Black Big & Bright Eyeliner (lower lash line)- Bare Escentuals
Volumizing Flawless Definition Mascera- Bare Escentuals
Ardelle Lashes

Warmth (bronzer/ all over face color)- Bare Escentuals
Faux Tan (cheek contour)- Bare Escentuals
Nylon (eyeshadow used for cheek highlight)- MAC cosmetics

Riveting Rose Lipstick- MAC cosmetics
Indigo Pink Lipgloss- MAC cosmetics

OPI DS Magic

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