Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: Sigma Performance Eyes Kit

Hey everyone! This is my first time trying Sigma brushes and I wanted to share my thoughts on them. Sigma just came out with a new set called the Performance Eyes Kit. This is was designed for small detailed application. These brushes are perfect for that.

Sometimes you want to do detailed blending or shading on your eye area and its hard to do with with larger size brushes. These are like "mini" sizes of their regular size eye brushes.

I was definitely impressed when I got these in the mail. The packaging was really cute and you can tell they are really good quality brushes. There is a mixture of natural bristles and synthetic bristles. They feel very soft.

This kit came with 8 brushes. Three of them were eye liner brushes, three of them were shader brushes, 1 blending, and 1 smudge brush.

*E36 - Blending: Offers controlled shading of smaller areas of the eye such as the inner crease. Natural bristles. 

*E47 - Shader - Crease: Provides control for application of products onto the crease. Designed for the exact placement of darker eye shadow shades. Natural bristles. 

*E46 - Shader - Inner Corner: Shaped to apply a highlight shade on the inner corner of the eye. Its shape makes it easy to apply product around the eye. Natural bristles. 

*E56 - Shader - Lid: Perfect for specific color application. The firm bristles are soft while providing an even delivery of powder shadow products. Natural bristles. 

*E21 - Smudge: Made to effortlessly smudge eyeliner along the eye. Also great for blending out eye liner for a smokey eye effect. Natural bristles.

*E16 - Tightline Liner: Excellent for lining the top lash line of the eye. Apply with gel, cream or powder products to get a seamless edge directly along the lash line, creating a defined and professional look. Synthetic bristles. 

*E17 - Waterline Liner: A firm and precise brush made for applying lining products to the lower lid and waterline. Synthetic bristles. 

*E11 - Eye Liner: Works with absolute precision to line the upper and lower lash lines with gel or cream products. An essential brush to create the most detailed and elaborate looks such as winged liner. Synthetic bristles.

**Brush description is from Sigma Website 

I love the quality of these brushes. I definitely recommend them. They are a great set to add to your makeup collection. 

Check out this kit on the Sigma Website Below:
Sigma Performance Eyes Kit

**This kit was sent to me from Sigma for a review. All my opinions are honest and real.


  1. can't wait to get that set! it's everything i need to add to my collection :) thanks for the review!

  2. I really want some Sigma brushes. I have small lid space and this collection would be perfect for me!


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