Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review/NOTD: Matte Nail Polish

Yimane Nail
 Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees- Suede

This nail polish was sent to me by for review. (scroll to bottom for disount code) I got to choose what poroduct I wanted to review and I found a bunch of Matte Nail polishes on their site.
Matte is a fun new trend this year so I thought it would be perfect to review. 

I really love how the color turned out when you leave it matte or even when you put a top coat on top. So really you can have two different finishes with this nail polish which I thought was cool. Even if the Matte look isn't for you, it looks great with a good top coat over it. At first I thought the polish was more of a deep plum but it looks more of a dark midnight blue but with a hint of purple in it. So pretty! 

A few things I noticed when I used this polish:
-I liked the shape of the brush which is great for application
-The polish has a strong smell so beware of that (didnt bother me but might bother others)
- The polish seems to be a bit thicker than most nail polishes but that might b because it is a matte nail polish (I have not used a matte nailpolish so I have nothing to compare it to)
- The polish dries quickly so you need to work fast when applying it (doesnt take long for the whole nail to dry which is a plus)
-Probably need only 1 coat for this polish
- This polish tends to chip a bit quicker bc there is no top coat to apply over it to keep it matte

Overall Rating: 7

 Matte Polish (With no top coat)
Matte Polish (With top coat)

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  1. oh i love this! i love when ppl do the glossy french tip also


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