Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Look: Glam Eyes

I wanted to create a fun Glam look with simple neutral eyes with a pop of glitter and a dramatic wing. With these neutral eyes, you can pull off any lip color. Red would be fun and festive, pink would be cute and flirty, and to keep it soft, you can wear a nude lip. 
Have fun with this look ;)

1.Brow Highlight
Bare Minerals "Mixologist" Eyeshadow

2.Crease Base
Bare Minerals "Namaste" Eyeshadow

3.Crease #1
Bare Minerals "Apropos" Eyeshadow

4. Lower Lid/Lower Lash Line
Bare Minerals "Aglow" Eyeshadow

ELF Black Eyeshadow

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

Black Flawless Definition in Black

8.Glitter/Glitter Liner
MAC Reflects Pearl Glitter, MAC Glitter Liner in SpunSilver

9.Pencil Liner
Big & Bright Eyeliner in Intense Black

Eylure Double Lashes #205

AND Check out my Hair!!! Messy but fun!

Here is my Youtube Video on this Makeup Look:


  1. I think the glitter makes this look! So pretty. xx

  2. your make-up and hair are really really pretty!

  3. Very cool look - I am learning a lot from your tutorials! Do you have The Elements palette from BE? If so, could you do a look using that?

  4. could you start posting what brushes are used as well? i like some of the ones you use in the video but im not sure of the brand or numbers or names etc.. what translucent powder do you use as well? do you use give me sun to contour with?


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