Monday, August 8, 2011

This is my first NOTD (nail of the day) post on my blog. I have so many nail polishes and so many requests on my nail polish collection so I thought I would slowly show them off by doing this a few times a week! I would say I paint my nails probably 2 times a week bc they dont last very long with the sanitary products I use at work. Alcohol, brush cleaner, hand sanitizer and doing shipment destroys them! 

I bought this nail polish quite awhile ago at Sephora. This color is from the Glee Collection by O.P.I. This color caught my eye from how the different colors and undertones change in different lighting. Plus I dont have anything like this. This color is an opaque opalescent grey according to the Sephora website. I used about 3 coats to achieve this look. This nail polish is still available on the Sephora Website for $9.50 (here)

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