Tuesday, August 9, 2011


 Why are brows important?
Brows are a very important feature on your face. The brows help change the shape of your face and also frame your face. Brows always complete the look so taking care of them an getting the right shape down for your face is important. Brow either make the look...or break the look!!


1. Where your brows should start: 
Draw an imaginary line from the outer balls of your nose straight up to your brows. This is where your brow should start. 
2. Placement of your arch:
Place a ruler, or something straight at the tip of your nose. Lean the ruler so it lays directly across your pupil. This will give you a medium arch to your brow. If you lean the ruler so it hits the outside edge of your pupil, this will give you a large arch. (I prefer a large arch!)
3. Where should your brow end?
Place the end of your ruler at the edge of your nostril and point it to the corner of your eye. This is where your brow should end. 

.fill in.
start from the center of your brow and move outward to the end of your brow. This area should be the darkest part. Now with the left over brow powder on your brush, start filling in the inner corner or the starting point of your brow. You want to keep this part soft or else it will be too harsh for your face and give you a "mean" or "angry" expression.
Products & Tools:
MAC 266 Brush and MAC Brow Shader Walnut/Ivoire (no longer available)

.Conceal & Define.
With any cream concealer and a small synthetic concealer brush, start at the beginning of your brow and start outlining around your brow. This will clean up the edges and give shape and definition to your brow. Get as close to your hair as you can. 
Products & Tools
MAC 242 Brush & MAC NC20 Studio Finish Concealer

With any makeup sponge, start blending out the edges of your cream concealer. This is buff out the edges so it looks nice and clean.
Beauty Blender
This step is optional. I used a brow gel to comb over my hair to keep it in place and lock in my color. This is just a clear brow gel with a mascara wand to apply.
Bare Escentuals Brow Gel

.Final Look.

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