Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Bare Minerals Well-Rested Face & Eye Brightener

If you are familiar with Bare Minerals, then you know about the original Bare Minerals Well Rested. This is a loose mineral eye brightener that you can use under or around the eye area to help brighten and make you look "well rested." Now they launched another well rested that is a face and eye brightener in a creamy liquid form. 

This Well-Rested will help brighten the complexion for a natural looking glow. This formula contains light reflecting minerals  what will help even the skin tone, minimize dark spots and discoloration over time. 

How to use this product:
-Turn the bottom of the pen clockwise to start the flow of product. (It takes a second for the product to come out the first time you use it)

- Use the brush tip end to apply the product. You can use it around the inner corner of your eye, or under you eyes to help reduce the appearance of dark circles. You can use your finger to help blend out the edges. 

-This product also looks nice on the top of your cheek bones for a healthy glow. You can use your finger to pat on the product then smooth out the edges. 

-This product can be used before or after foundation. 

What do I think?
This product does seem to brighten a little but I think it's very subtle. I think its great for on the go but I think I am still a fan of the original Well Rested product. I am curious to see if it does reduce the appearance of dark circles over time. 

The original Bare Minerals Well Rested is not going anywhere or being replaced so don't freak out :) 

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  1. This might be interesting to try, but I'd probably like the powder form better. Quick question, how did you get the pictures of yourself at the top of your blog?i think that adds a nice touch! I'm sorta new to posting so I'm not really familiar with layouts and whatnot. Thanks!


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