Monday, April 23, 2012

Whats In My Makeup Bag 2012 (April)

Hey everyone. Today I thought I would share whats currently in my makeup bag. I'm always getting new makeup bags and filling it with different products that I use daily. I keep my makeup bag in my purse so I fill it will all my essentials.

My Makeup Bag: My new white makeup bag is from Bare Minerals. I loved this bag because it was small and had two zippered pockets. I figured it would be nice to have different pockets to separate different products. 

Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers Mini Perfume: This is my favorite perfume to wear. I like to carry a little mini bottle of it just for the times I need a quick spray to smell yummy ;)

Lip glosses: A girls best friend is a little lip gloss. The ones that I have been using lately is the Bare Minerals Moxie lip gloss in Hot Shot and Show off. These glosses give a minty cool feeling to the lips. The other gloss I like to use is from MAC. This was from their Too Supreme collection and the color is called Almond Blossom. I really like how easy it is to apply and the color is amazing!

Duo Lash Glue: I wear falsies everyday! Sometimes you never know when your lashes are falling off and you need a touch up asap. Its the worst when half of your lash is falling off and you have no lash glue! So I always make sure I have one with me at all times. 

Eyelash Curler: I love my falsies curled because it makes my eyes look a little bit bigger. Sometimes you need a touch up if your lashes tend to be falling down. 

Ed Hardy Hand Lotion: This is my favorite lotion because its my favorite perfume scent. I usually have dry skin and my pet peeve is having dry ashy hands. Not Cute! This lotion smells good, hydrates, and adds a pretty glow to my skin. 

Bare Minerals Blush and Bronzer: The two things I like to touch up before I go out is my blush and bronzer. I don't like the look of looking dull and have no color to my skin. I really like to use my current bronzer from Bare Escentuals called The Skinny Dip. The blush that is great with any look that I use is the Bare Minerals The One Blush. They both have big mirrors which is nice for a quick touch up. 

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play: I love this stuff. If you guys know me I like a little volume in my hair. Sprinkle some of this powder at your roots, flip your hair over and massage into your hair, you instantly get a little lift. Its great if you don't have hair spray or a teasing comb handy.  

Eyeko Mascara: This is a mascara I recently bought and really like it. I have a bad habbit of picking or rubbing my eyelashes during the day so sometimes I need to re apply a few coats of mascara. This mascara is nice because it adds length to my lashes. 

What do you gals keep in your makeup bag? 

Have a great day! xo


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