Monday, March 12, 2012

Sample Sundays: Bare Minerals Advanced Protection SPF 20 Moisturizer

Hey Everyone. So I'm a day late on my Sample Sundays post but better late than never. I recently received this sample of the new moisturizer from Bare Escentuals. This moisturizer will have SPF 20 in it. I know a lot of people have been wanting a moisturizer from BE that has sunscreen so it will soon be available I believe this month.

The sample I got was the moisturizer SPF 20 for combination skin. I believe they will come out with a moisturizer for normal to dry skin too with SPF. I wish I was able to try that one because my skin is more on the dry side. 

I normally use the Bare Minerals moisturizer for normal to dry skin. In the picture above, I am showing the new moisturizer with SPF20 combo skin (top) compared to the original moisturizer for combo skin (bottom). You can see that the new moisturizer is a bit thicker than the original. It also is more on the white side because of the sun screen.

What do I think about this new moisturizer?
I love the idea that we now have the option of SPF or no SPF. Personally I did not like the consistency of this moisturizer. It was a bit too thick for me. I wish it was a little more hydrating, but then again, this moisturizer was for combination skin and not normal to dry skin. I do want to try the normal to dry moisturizer when its available. I think I will like that better. One thing I do really like about this moisturizer is the smell. All Bare Mineral skincare products smell really fresh and natural. They dont have those artificial fragrances that smell too floral or fruity. They smell really earthy and natural. This moisturizer has a nice oaty smell.

I do recommend trying this moisturizer out tho. Just because I didnt like this consistency, doesnt mean you wont like it either. Its always good to have a moisturizer with sunscreen if you arent using any other products with sun protection.   

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