Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rapunzel Rapunzel Hair Extensions (Part 1)

Just got my extensions in the mail and I am in love. I am so glad i came across this site. At first I was a little scared to order hair extensions over the internet because i didnt know if they would be good quality and i didnt want to pick the wrong color. So I researched the website and they got pretty good reviews. So i ended up ordering myself a set. 

The only downer to this website was that there wasnt a way for you to track your order. They gave you an order number which linked you back to their website to your invoice to your order. It would tell you the status of your order but mine always said "dispatched." They said it would take 3-7 business days but i never would know when it was actually shipped out to calculate around when they would arrive. I ordered them the 4th of March and they came the 14th. 

You have a couple of choices when you order the extensions. First you pick between "clip in" hair extensions, or you have the choice of just the weft. 
The Clip-Ins are $89.99
The Wefts are $74.99

They each come in 3 different styles:
Remi Straight, Remi Deep Wave, and Remi Italian Curl

The Clip Ins do have the option of highlights. They are smaller pieces that you can clip in to add a few highlights, lowlights, or brights colors. (these will probably be the next purchase)  =) These are $25.49

All of the extensions come in only one length, 18 inches which is still pretty long)
I will be making another post and video when I get them sewn in. Cant wait!!

Visit their website: 
Rapunzel Rapunzel Extensions


  1. I didn't even get an ordered number ):
    Do you think my hair will still come?

  2. Did you ever get them sewn in?


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