Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review: Bare Minerals "A Vision in Velvet"

I was so excited to share this kit with you. Bare Minerals launched the rest of there holiday kits for this year and I had to grab everything. I heard about this kit a few months ago and I have been anxiously waiting for it. 

This kit includes 20 mini size loose Bare Mineral shadows. Ten of them are a matte finish (no shine) and the other ten are a beautiful satin finish. This kit retails for $79 which is a great deal for all the colors you get. 

A lot of older women out there are afraid of using a shimmer and has a hard time finding a good rage of matte finishes. This kit is for you ladies. All the colors you can possibly think of are in this kit. The satin finishes are nice too because they give you a pretty sheen rather than a glitter. 

I love the packaging of this kit. Makes you feel like you are getting a big, long box of least that's how I feel.  :)  The gold shinny tops makes the shadows look for luxurious. This box is also a great way to store these shadows and still be able to see what the colors are. 

There are some colors I absolutely love, and some are just ok. But totally love the kit overall. 

Here are the swatches you have been waiting for....

Matte Shadows
 (left to right) Velvet Blueberry, Velvet Violet, Velvet Pistacho, Velvet Vanilla, Velvet Strawberry

 (left to right) Velvet Mauve, Velvet Green, Velvet Charcoal, Velvet Espresso, Velvet Taupe

Satin Shadows
(left to right) Stain Sterling, Satin Lilac, Satin Nude, Satin Plum, Satin Mist

 (left to right) Satin Rose, Satin Sage, Satin Gold, Satin Caramel, Satin Peach

Love this kit! This is a must have :) -Ariel


  1. O....M...G! they are gorg! BE really did it big this year with their holiday collectionm.

  2. Can you please do an eye makeup tutorial on using the vision in velvet?!! I just bought this kit and would love how to use all the colors!

  3. Yes please do a tutorial showing how to wear the colors!

  4. Hi love the review, just had a question would these colours suit my skin tone which is medium with olive undertone?

  5. Hi love your review, just had a question would these shadows suit my skintone which is medium with olive undertones

  6. Yes Please do a tutorial. .... pretty please!


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