Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: imPRESS Nails

Ok guys...I am such a sucker. I totally fell for these press on nails. I saw the commercial and they looked really cool but I told myself I would never try them because they are a typical press on nail. I was at my local CVS and came across a huge display of them. 
I have to admit....the designs were so freakin cute I couldnt help but buy one......then another...then another....then it came to a point where I went to a different drug store to find more designs. I literally spent half the day looking for these press on nails. The designs were so adorable I was hooked. 
I finally got home with 5 different designs. I was so pumped to take my old nail polish off and try them. As I was reading the instructions I started laying out all the nails and started to find the right size to fit my nails. Then I realized...none of them fit!! I was totally bummed. What a bust. I thought I had average size nail beds but apparently they were huge. 
I wanted these to work out so badly. I was trying so hard to see if I could make them work but it wasnt going to happen. I started laying them against my nail bed and noticed they would completely cover my whole nail and wouldnt lay completely flat against my nails. I figured even if they did work, they wouldnt stay on my nails for very long. :(
Now I was stuck with 5 different designs of these press on nails that werent going to work. 
I ended up returning them and exchanging them for some polish and nail stickers which I will review later. 
I would only recommend these press on nails to people who have very small nail beds. Try to see if you can try them on your nails before you buy them. Some places have a tester of the nails shapes (which I failed to try). I obviously did not get to see how long they would actually last on my nails so If you end up do trying them, please let me know. I believe they were about $9.00 and can be found at most drug stores. 

-Incredibly cute designs and great colors
-cute packaging
-reasonable price
-easy directions

-doesnt completely lay against nail bed (from what I experienced..could be different for others)
-nail shape is very small
I'm bummed they did not work out :(

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  1. Nope, you're right they definitely don't fit curved nails - mine didn't even stay on much longer than an hour :/ and they were so short that they looked like I was wearing little girl's press-on nails from the toy store ;)


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