Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: SheriMorgan Rings

I wanted to share with you some new fun accessories that were sent to me by a new friend of mine. I met her through YouTube and she also has her own YouTube Channel. 
Her name is Sheri Morgan and she designs her own jewelry. 
Sheri sent me some of her rings that she made and they are adorable. They are big, fun, girly, and all of them that I have seen on her channel are different. 

Here are the 2 she sent me ;)
The barbie one is my favorite but I love the glitter on the Lip ring. 

Here are some pics so you can see how fun and big the rings are against your hand.
Barbie & Bones Ring (not the official name of ring)

 Pink Glitter Lips Ring (not official name of ring)

I know Sheri also makes fun necklaces and earrings too. 
Please check her YouTube Channel out.
She does a lot of reviews of products , makeup tutorials, and has some fun other things on there too.

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