Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Makeup: 1920s Flapper Girl

I Love this look! The makeup was really beautiful in the 1920s. 
Fun Facts:
In the 1920s, wearing makeup was considered dangerous because of lot of it consisted of lead, sulfer, and mercury. Then, people thought that women had no reason to be in the sun, therefore should be pale. This was a popular look. People also believed that "nice girls" did not wear makeup.
The Flapper girl is one of my favorite looks for Halloween so it was a really fun look for me to create. When I was done I didnt want to take it off!

Bare Minerals Prime Time Eyelid primer
MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in This and That- brow highlight/lower lid
MAC Groundcover eyeshadow- base/crease
Any Medium Matte Gray eyeshadow- 2nd color in crease
Matte Soft Black eyeshadow- 3rd color in crease/lower lashline
Dark Matte Blackeyeshadow- socket of crease/lower lashline
Bare Minerals Big & Bright Eyeliner pencil in Intense Black- Smudged in Lashline, lower lashes 
MAC #48 Lashes

Any contour powder to contour your cheek area
MAC Pinch Me Blush
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle- cheek highlight

MAC Mahogany Lip Pencil
MAC Mattene Lipstick in Seeds of Desire



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