Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review: Nail Foils (

Hi Guys and Gals, 
I was recently contacted by BornPrettyStore online to do a review on one of their products and I chose to review their nail foils. I love how nail foils look and its definitely a new trendy thing to do to your nails.  

If you want to try these nails for yourself, here is a code you can use to get a discount off anything on their website:  AHMK31

I must admit...these suckers were hard to put on! They did give you different sizes for your nails but I still ended up having to cut them myself to fit my nails which wasn't easy. Once you cut them, you gotta line them up on your nails which I wasnt very good at. Once I lined them up, I had to smooth the foil out so there was no bubbles of ripples. I wish the foils came with a tool to smooth out the foil. Would have been way easier. The tough part was to smooth out the top of the nail, them file the excess off. 

Anyway, when I was done they looked awesome. I messed up on a few but I think I did good for my first time. I got tons of compliments on them too. 
So the downer with these foils that it only lasted one day! The edges on the top on my nail was totally pealing back and catching on things. By the second day I had to take them off which was a shame bc they looked really cool. Just didnt stay on the nail =(

I would probably buy these again just to try different ways in applying them. I would only get them for a one day use tho for a Holiday party or something. 
I would rate this product a 7
Here is a pic of the foils on day 2. You can see they are totally pealing off.


  1. those look sooooo fabulous! I need to try some on!


    please check out my page of nail foils i sell some fab designs at very reasonable prices xx


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