Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: Apres Chic Lipsticks

Hey There. Another post of swatches from the MAC Apres Chic collection. I am always looking for new lip colors that I don't have. In this collection they launched 5 new shades. Three of the shades were more on the nude, light side, and 2 were darker and bolder. 

The two that I got are ones that would be great to add to my lipstick collection. I have nothing like them. 

Apres Chic- Pinky brick red
Hot Chocolate- Dirty Plum

My favorite has to be Apres Chic. Its a perfect pinky red. This formula is a creamsheen so it is extremely smooth on the lips. 

 Apres Chic, Hot Chocolate

These two colors are definitely ones to check out.  Here is a picture of me with the Apres Chic Lipstick on......



  1. You look beautiful! I'm interested in the Hot Chocolate lippie xx

  2. Me too, would love to see the hot chocolate lipstick :)

  3. check out my blog & follow if you like :)



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