Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: Bare Minerals READY Eyehadow 8.0 "The Star Treatment"

Every year I am a sucker for any Holiday sets from Bare Minerals. This year they came out with 2 more 8.o Palettes which feature their new solid mineral eyeshadows. This one is called "The Star Treatment." This palette includes 8 beautiful new shades. 

This palette retails for $40 which is a great deal for all these colors. That makes each shadow about $5. 
You also get a mini eyelid primer which every eyeshadow user should have. I tell my clients....primer, primer, primer! Primer is your eyeshadows best friend. It will bring out the pigments, make your shadows last longer, and prevent creasing! The mini shadow primer that comes in this kit has about 1.5ml/0.5fl ounces of product. That will last you awhile. 
There is also a double ended mini brush that is included. This brush replicates the double ended precision brush. Its just mini size! Super cute.

The Swatches:
 (Left To Right) 
Vip- Matte black with gold shimmer
Connoisseur- bright unique gold
Carte Blanche- Beautiful opalescent white with green undertone
Ritzy- golden bronze

  (Left To Right)
Kudos- duo chrome shadow with green, blue, yellow undertone
Bragging Rights- reminds me of a shinny new penny
Elitist- soft taupe green
Extravagance- soft yellow gold

Definitely check out this palette if you are looking for some new warm shadows for fall and the holidays. :)



  1. These colours are beautiful :)

  2. I wanted to get this in the sephora sale, but lord knows I need any more eyeshadows...:)


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