Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Step By Step: EOTD ft Bare Minerals "The Rare Find" Tutorial

-Highlight brow bone with Bare Minerals          -With Bare Minerals Eye Defining Brush,
Shadow in Soul.                                               sweep "Lost for Words" in your crease

-Pat Bare Minerals "Eureka" on the lower         -Take a small, fluffy angled brush, and
lid staying under the crease.                           blend "Eureka" in the crease

With a tapered fluffy brush, sweep Bare          Take a smaller tapered fluffy brush, sweep
Minerals "Frisson" Shadow in the crease            Bare Minerals "Foreshadow" Shadow in the 
                                                                      socket of your crease

Line your top lash line with a gel liner            With a small smudge brush, smudge the
                                                                                   outter corner of your gel liner with Urban
                                                                     Decays "Blackout" Shadow

 Pat Bare Minerals "Surreal" on the center       Smudge "Eureka" and "Foreshadow" under
of your lower lid                                            the lower lashes

Apply a few coats of mascara                         Curl your lashes

Apply Falsies and your look is complete!

Check out my video on this look!


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