Monday, November 28, 2011

My Makeup Vanity & Storage

Hey guys. This year I had a goal to redo my room and get more organized with my makeup. This was a big step for me because I bought everything all on my own and put everything together myself with a little help from my dad. :) 
I am so happy with how my makeup space turned out. A lot of people have been asking me where I keep everything. This is only a very small portion of my makeup but the products I keep in my vanity drawer is all of my go-to everyday products. 
Hope everyone gets some ideas maybe for your own makeup storage. 

Makeup Drawer in Vanity 

Mainstays in the brand of the drawer organizers. They are plastic interlocking organizers that come in either white or black in different sizes. These are super inexpensive and the perfect size for makeup products. You can find these at Walmart in the Kitchen organization isle. 

 Hope You Enjoyed These Ideas!
What Storage Do You Use??


  1. How pretty that desk is! I wish I had space for a vanity in my room. Hope you can show us a room tour when your finished setting up?

  2. i watch your videos and enjoy them lots.. love ur style and how pretty u fix ur self up... i purchased the bareminerals angled brush eye one bc of u and i luv it.. thanks alot keep up the grreat work..

  3. Great article, keep us posted with new updates.


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