Friday, July 15, 2011

Bare Minerals Skincare 411 (My Skincare)

Purifying Facial Cleanser
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Texture: Soft, Lotion Texture
I call this cleanser the "lazy"cleanser. It does it all so if you like something that will take care of everything in one step...this is it! This cleanser removes makeup, (even gentle enough for removing eye makeup without the burn or sting) makes skin feel fresh, clean and hydrated. There are no parabens, artificial oils or fragrances. 
Some Beneficial Ingredients:
Pineapple and Guava Fruit Enzymes- gently cleanse skin and removes makeup to reveal healthy complexion
Avocado Oil- Softens and provides hydration to the skin. 
Pomegranate Extract- helps restore balanced moisture to your skin

Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser
Skin Types: All Skin Types & Sensitive Skin
Texture: Powder Form
I love this cleanser. Its like 2 cleansers in one. This cleanser is in powder form and is activated by water. The more water you use with the powder, the softer and more frothy the texture. This would be great for more everyday use. The less water you use, you can make it more like a paste with a gritty texture for great exfoliation. If you make it thick enough, you can use it as a mask! 
Some Beneficial Ingredients:
Oatmeal and Natural Rice Powder- these are soothing ingredients provide calming comfort to irritated, sensitive skin. 
Powerful Antioxidants- Vitamin E and Green Tea which will protect against environmental damage and will stimulate the skin for a healthy glow.
Aloe and Coconut- help maintain skins moisture 

Purely Nourishing Moisturizer
Skin Types: Combination Skin
Texture: Lightweight, Lotion texture
This moisturizer will hydrate the skin for improved firmness, elasticity, radience and skin texture. Its paraben free, no synthetic fragrances or oils. 
Some Beneficial Ingredients:
Powerful Antioxidants- Vitamin A, C, and E, Green tea, chamomile, licorice are the few antioxidants that will protect, calm, and brighten the skin. 
Natural Emollients- provide immediate long lasting hydration for silky texture without looking oily.

Purely Nourishing Cream
Skin Type: Dry Skin 
Texture: Rich Creamy
This cream will improve firmness, elasticity, radiance and skin texture. Formulated to provide moisturization for dry skin while antioxidants protect skin from environmental damage. 
Some Beneficial Ingredients- 
Avocado Oil- softens and provides extreme hydration to the skin
Flax Seed Oil- soothe and comfort sensitive dry skin

Firming Eye Treatment
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Restores Firmness and reduces puffiness around eye area. Paraben free. Also lightly moisturizes around eye area. 
Some Beneficial Ingredients:
Caffeine- decreases the look of puffiness around eye area.
Stimulating Peptides- will smooth, tone and improve elasticity

Pure Transformation Night Treatment
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Texture: Powder Form
This treatment is clinically proven to reduce the size of your pores and deliver faster cell turnover. There are Vitamins A (stimulates collagen production..great if you are concerned about wrinkles, and fine lines), E (repairs..great for sun damage, scars, etc), and C which will help brighten your skin. This night treatment  comes in four different tones to match your skin tone and each night treatment gives your skin a beautiful glow. There is also a built in brush in the lid which is super soft and easy to clean.

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