Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: Nutra Nail Gel Perfect

This is my new obsession. I recently saw DulceCandy (YouTube Guru) do a drugstore haul video and one of her items was the Gel Perfect. I have always wanted to get Shalak or Gel nails but its always been a little pricey for me. I have to paint my nails every other day for them to stay nice. At work its impossible for me to keep my nails chip free and shiny because I am always using alcohol to sanitize products at work or I do shipment which chips my nails. 
When I saw that this was a gel system and it didnt involve UV/LED lighting and it was a do it yourself manicure...I needed to buy it and try it out.

This stuff is awesome. Its an easy process and my nails are shiny and hard. It doesnt feel like my nails would chip easily. They have a pretty good range of colors too. 

The polish kit cost me about $12 dollars at ULTA which i think beats getting your nails professionally done when it comes to price. The box says it sets in 5 minutes to rock solid which seems to be correct. My nails dried pretty fast. 

The set included the Activator, the Nail Polish, and the Cleaner. 

I have been loving soft pink colors for my nails. I think it makes them look 
clean and flirty ;) 
I picked out two colors but the first one I tried was the Sheer Pink polish.

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  1. Let us know if it's easy to remove. If it is then I would absolutely buy this product as long as it doesn't damage my nails ;)


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