Sunday, January 29, 2012

JewelMint: Back to Tulum Bracelets

Hey everyone!
Couple days ago I got my recent JewlMint Purchase for this month. This is an older piece but decided to get it now. I guess it just reminded me of summer and made me realize I cant wait for warm weather. 
I thought this would be really cute with a casual tank top, and jeans and some sandals. Just a simple couple a bracelets to dress up a casual outfit. 

 I love how these three bracelets go together. The only thing I was kind of disappointed about was the rope bracelet and the gold bracelet. The rope bracelet is a little tight on my wrist. I wish it was a little looser. The gold bracelet fits perfect but feels a little cheap. Seems like it can be easily bent. 
Honestly I dont think this was worth $29.99 but I still like the bracelets. 
Those are my only complains but in the end I like how it looks on.

Let me know what you got this month! Id love to get ideas of what I might want to purchase next. 

Check out their website:

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