Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BASICS: Winged Eye Liner

I get asked a lot how I do my eyeliner. To be honest I used to be horrible at it but I loved the look so much I practiced and figured about a method that worked for me. I created a video showing how to achieve this look below and also have a step by step instruction on how to create a winged liner. 

Step One:
Line your lash line. Start from the outer corner and work your way in. Make small lines moving inwards and overlap each time to make a line. 
Make the line go from thin to thick, inner corner start thin and gradually make the outer end thicker. 

Step Two:
Create a line starting from your outer corner of your eye and draw it towards the end of your brow. You can make the line as long as you would like
Step Three:
To make this line, start from the corner of your eye and pull your liner brush down creating little lines. Overlap the lines to create an easy straight line. 

 Step Four:
Now we need to create a triangle. Start a line from the center of the line you created and connect it to the line you made on your lash line. 

Step Five:
Fill in the inside of the triangle to complete your winged liner. 
Ta-dah! Your done!

Hope that was helpful for everyone! Now you will be a pro and the classic winged liner ;)
The brush that I used for this tutorial is the Bare Minerals Soft Focus Liner Brush. 


  1. Great pics to demonstrate how u do your winged liner!

  2. I have the same problem with this and I see something a lil different that u do that I am gonna try...I hope it works!

  3. your liner looks flawless! i was wondering which gel liner you used for this look?


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