Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: Poshe Top Coat

I recently ran out of my current top coat (which I hated) and wanted to find a new one. I heard of Seche Vite top coat and saw that it got tons of great reviews from youtube gurus. I decided to drive to my local CVS to see if I could find it. Just my luck they were sold out BUT next to it was this Poshe top coat. I was desperate for a top coat and didnt want to wait till it was back in stock.
I noticed the Poshe box had different rewards that this top coat won like 5 Allure Editors Choice Awards and Top 5 Readers Choice award in 04', 05' and 06'. I figured if It won all those awards then I might as well try it. 

I also noticed that this nail polish claims to be anti-aging, for natural or artificial nails, non-yellowing, no UV lights or heat needed, highest gloss available, chip resistant and has 2 UV inhibitors and dries manicures in 5 minutes. 

Anyway, I bought it and brought it home to try. I noticed the box was incredibly hard to seemed like everything was sticking together. When I finally got it open, I noticed there was NO PRODUCT IN IT! I guess I didnt look hard enough when I bought it bc the bottle was completely empty and the product must of exploded at one point.  I was totally bummed and decided to give it another try and I exchanged it. 

For the 2nd time I brought it home and was anxious to try it. I layered it over my new MAC nail polish to see how it worked. Right away I noticed it looked really glossy (which I like). The brush was nice and long so it was a great shape for application. I also noticed that it reaches the bottom of the bottle so It will be easy to get product when its running low. The polish was thick but easy to control and laid over the nail nicely. I let it dry and after about a minute or 2 i touched my nail to see if it was even dry and it was! I wait a couple more minutes to be sure and my nails were totally dry! I was totally impressed by the end result. The polish did not leave any streaking, no bubbling, etc. After feeling the top coat, it seems like nothing will chip my nails. Seems like a tough top coat. Also, my nails look incredibly shiny!! 

Pros: nice brush applicator, makes my nails look incredibly shiny and feels tough, dried completely in 5 minutes, no streaking or bubbling
Cons: Packaging seems cheap and is tough to get open

I think I paid about 8-10 dollars for this polish but it was well worth it. There is about .5 fl. oz./15 ml.  Can be found at your local drug store. 

I WILL be buying this top coat again and definitely recommend it.

What is your favorite top coat?


  1. I really like Avon's Topcoat and nail polishes.

  2. Ariel, I have really fragile nails. I am looking for a top coat or polish that will help harden them because they break so easily. I have tried Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails but that effect only lasts a few days. Is there something you recommend?


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