Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I was in a bright mood today and the first color that popped in my mind was Teal/Turquoise. This is one of my favorite nail polishes from Essie. I got this at Target last month for about $8. 

I have two nail polishes which are almost the same color and it took me a sec to figure out which one I liked better. Trophy Wife won. If your looking for a dupe of this color or something similar try "Who Let the Dorks Out?" by O.P.I @ Sephora. Here is a comparison:
"Trophy Wife" & "Who Let the Dorks Out?"
Trophy Wife is more metallic and has more blue in it and Who Let the Dorks Out has more of a green undertone and some shimmer in it. When you hold them side by side, they are very close. 



  1. This is a gorgeous color! I can't paint my own nails but would like to since I can't afford weekly manicures. Do you paint your own nails? If so, could you do a tutorial on how you do your own manicures?

  2. yes I paint my own nails but I do a horrible job. The only thing I can do is clip and file my nails then paint them. My friends make fun of me cuz im sloppy. I would love to get manicures if I could but for how long my nails last bc of work it would not be worth it! Maybe ill have my friend do a tutorial. She actually takes care of her nails and her nails always look perfect! xo

  3. A nail tutorial would be cool, maybe the basics like how to buff them, etc? Only cause I do such a horrible job, it would be nice to see a professional do it. And your nails don't look sloppy at all! If you were to see mine, you'd be like "now that's sloppy"! LOL The polish on your nails does not even look clumpy and that's the problem I have..


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