Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sneak Peak: New Pretty Amazing Lipcolors by Bare Escentuals

New Products!! Bare Escentuals added brand new permanent lipcolors to their line!!! yay! I got my hands on ALL of them!! I must say they are PRETTY AMAZING!! Ill start off by saying the pigment in them is awesome. They have a nice range in colors that are all very pretty. I do wish they had some more brown or bronze but they finally decided to do vibrant colors. 
The applicator is so cooooool! The wand is flexible which makes it easy to really follow the shape of your lips. The wand also comes to a point so its super easy to create a nice clean line around the edge up your lip just like a regular lip pencil.
The colors are as pigmented as a lipstick but has a glossy sheen to it just like a lip gloss. I'm also very surprised at how creamy they all are. Not drying at all which is odd because most long wearing lip colors are dry and chalky to me. 
I am very very happy with these products and cant wait to rock the bright colors out!!
I must let you guys know, the only reason I got these colors early is because they are having a preview day. These products are available for only one day then they wont be coming back out for good until next month... So keep your eyes out for them in May

BE Description: Bright Petal Pink
*with NYX Rose lipliner

BE Description: Brick
*with Mahogany MAC lipliner

Free Will
BE Description: Pink Nude
*with NYX Natural Lipliner

BE Description: Red

BE Description: Rosy Mauve
*with NYX Natural Lipliner
BE Description: Coral Pink
*with NYX Rose Lipliner

BE Description: Fuschia
* with Fuschia NYX lipliner
BE Description: Warm Strawberry
* With NYX Peekaboo Neutral Lipliner
**The Lip descriptions are taken from the Bare Escentuals Website



  1. LOVEEEE THOSE~ okay where can you find these?

  2. Oh wow these colors are freaking awesome!!! So pretty! =)

  3. only today at any bare escentuals or on their website!!


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