Monday, April 25, 2011

Feather Hair Extensions

 The new trend this year is feather hair extensions! You can pretty much find them at most salons and they come in tons of different colors. Its a very quick easy way to change up your hair style without damaging your hair. The best part about it is that its not permanent! With the right tools you can take it them out whenever you want or change the colors. 
I searched the web for the best price and so far is the cheapest place to get them. The only bummer to their website is that they are always out of stock. Once they put up new products, they usually are sold out that same day!! So you gotta check out their site a lot so you dont miss out!! But its worth it! They shipped really fast too!

The feathers can be styled any way you want. You can curl them, straighten them, wash them and blow dry them. They are just like hair. I do recommend moving them aside if you are going to tease or brush your hair.
(picture from website)
This is the color that I chose! I like how they are more of a natural color.
 These are $14.99 on their site


Here are the tools that you would need. You can get all the tools individually or you can buy the pack like I did. You also get to pick what color beads you want. I picked the dark brown. 
This kit was $16.99
How to put them in your hair:
 Step ONE: Place a feather hair bead onto the end of your wire tool
Step TWO: Figure out where you would like your feather extension and separate a very small section of hair that is thin enough to fit in the bead
Step THREE: Select the feather(s) that you would want in your hair (keep them handy, you will need them in a second)
Step FOUR: Pull the small section of hair through the wire tool
Step FIVE: Move the bead from the base of the tool and move it like you are taking it off the tool ( This will loop your hair through the bead)
Step FIVE: Your hair should be looped through the bead. Move the bead so that its close to your scalp but leave some room between your scalp and the bead. 
Step SIX: Grab your feathers and slide the ends through the bead. 
Step SEVEN: Grab your pliers and clamp your bead down. 
Step EIGHT: tug the feather and make sure they are secure.

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