Saturday, September 28, 2013

Review: MAC RiRi Hearts Mac Collection

The RiRi Collection is finally here!! This is the collection that everyone has been talking about. MAC launched their RiRi Hearts MAC collection early and I had to get my hands on it! This collection is amazing. The colors are beautiful and the packaging is awesome. 

The packaging is a metallic rose gold with hot pink writing. So cute! When I saw it online, I thought it was going to look cheap in person. After seeing it, I feel like the packaging made the collection. All the detail is perfect. 

The collection included two quad shadow palettes. One has warmer bronze tones, and the other has the cooler blues. I am pretty sure the 3 out of the four colors in each palette are permanent colors. There is only one color that is new and exclusive to this palette.  

 Her Cocoa

Three out of the four colors have a shimmery metallic finish. The bottom two are the most pigmented. The lightest shade is more of a satin finish and is perfect for a highlight color. The gold isn't as pigmented but is buildable.

I was a little disappointed with this palette. The palette looks really pretty, but when I swatched them, the colors werent as pigmented as I hoped they would be.

Smoked Cocoa

In this palette, the 2 darkest colors were the hardest to swatch. The pigmentation was not that great. The lightest shade was my favorite and the grey was also nice because it had great pigmentation. 

 Bad Girl Gone Good

The blush is one of my favorite products from the collection. It looks beautiful on and the pigmentation is awesome. You can get a lot of color pay off so a little goes a long way. This color would look great on medium to deep skin tones. This blush can be worn with a lot of different looks so you can get a lot of use out of it. 

 This blush is definitely a must have! I wish I purchased two!


This blush/bronzer duo is a repromote. MAC launched this with RiRis smaller collection earlier this year. I was so glad I discovered it this time around. The blush sold me right away. Its a very bright pinky coral with a golden shimmer undertone. Its beautiful. This color is also very pigmented so a little will go a long way. 

 Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo
The bronzer in this palette is also really nice. It is more of a matte finish. It reminds me of my favorite bronzer by MAC which is the mineralize skinfinish in Give Me Sun. I think its a little bit lighter but this bronzer is buildable. 

This is a great duo! Another favorite of mine.

This is a product that I needed to get my hands on. This is a cream color base called Diamonds. The name fits perfectly. When I first saw this online, I thought it was a powder highlighter. I was surprised to see it was a cream. This is great for an all over highlight or a pretty shimmery base for shadows. Its an all around product. The formula is very creamy. I usually stay away from these cream products because sometimes they dry out a little too quickly for me. Hopefully this time it will be different. 

Diamonds Cream Color Base

 I dabbed this right on the highest part of my cheek bones for a highlight and it looked great! It gave my skin a pretty dewy finish. Make sure you blend it out really well with the warmth of your finger of a highlight.

The product I get most excited about when a new collection launches is the lip products. I grabbed 3 out of the 4 colors that came in this collection. The darkest color is amazing and vampy. I love how matte it is. The red is a classic retro red and I am diggin out matte it is. The nude is very unique. It isnt like anything that I have already so I had to get it to test it out. 

  Left to Right: Nude, Talk that Talk, RiRi Woo

 RiRi Woo, Talk that Talk, and Nude

RiRi Woo and Nude are the most pigmented out of the 3. Talk that Talk is a beautiful color, but the formula is really dry. You really need to work with the color and build it up to make it pigmented. 

Last but not least, I grabbed the dark lip pencil to go with my Talk that Talk MAC lipstick. This pencil is also called Talk that Talk. The formula of this pencil is super creamy. It glides on really easily. I used this to line my lips and fill in the outer corners. You can actually layer this pencil and make it more intense. 

Overall, this collection is amazing! If you can get your hands on them, do it! Here is my must haves from this collection:

-Bad Girl Gone Good Blush
-Hibiscus Powder Blush Duo
-Diamonds Cream Base
-RiRi Woo
-Talk that Talk

 Whats your favorite product? Happy Shopping!!


  1. thanks for the info i just watched your video on this collection that lipstick looked scary at firs until you put it on you looked awesome :)

  2. I am a rookie when it comes to MAC so I greatly appreciate the blog and video clips.

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  4. This is very beautiful collection of lip sticks. I love to use pink.


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