Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bare Minerals "Fired Up" Tutorial

Hey Gals! I did this look a couple weeks ago but I thought I would share more pics and list the products that I used. This look was created from the Bare Minerals "Fired Up" Palette from Sephora. This is a great Holiday party look!

Makeup Used:

.Bare Minerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer 
.Bare Minerals Flare Shadow for brow highlight
.Bare Minerals Hot Spell- crease, lower lash line
.Bare Minerals Fuze Shadow-lower lid
.Bare Minerals Sizzle Shadow- Inner Corner, Around Tear Duct
.Bare Minerals Round the Clock Waterproof Liner in Midnight-Eyeliner
.Lashes Eylure #202

.Bare Minerals READY Bronzer in The High Dive
.MAC Blush in Harmony for contour powder
.Bare Minerals Blush in The Turn On
.Bare Minerals Flare Shadow for Cheek Highlight

.Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie in Smokin Hot

Check out my YouTube Tutorial on this look:
 Happy Holidays! -Ariel



  1. I'm getting this kit for my Birthday. Love the colors!! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. This look is really pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are so adorable ... your face is so flawless and amazing i used to use bareminerals many moons ago but gave up on them because i didnt feel it really gave me a full coverage but now that i see how flawless your face looks and how they have upgraded im thinking of switching back to BM.... i currently use channel foundation but it clogs up my pores and thats not good... i really would like to know your thoughts on avon products

  4. opps i just sent you a mess above i forgot to add my name lol sorry ...


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