Monday, March 14, 2011

My Everyday Products (FACE)

These have been the products I use in my everyday face/foundation routine. I have been using them for a year 1/2 now and I wont use anything else. I wish I had discovered these products a long time ago. I would recommend these to anyone!! xo

Bare Escentuals Face Primer
This stuff is a must have. I have used many primers and i like this one the best. A little goes a long way so this bottle lasts me so long (6 months or more). It makes your skin feel so smooth and creates that smooth texture so your foundation lays really smooth over it. Also makes my foundation last longer, and lock in moisture from a moisturizer.Wouldn't wear foundation without it. They also make a new Brightening primer which I am using now instead of the original. Gives your skin a golden youthful glow which shines through your foundation.

Bare Escentuals Foundation- Medium Beige (original)
This stuff is a miracle. It will be the foundation I will use for the rest of my life. I wish i knew about it a long time ago. I can talk about it for hours. I have used many foundations and this is the one for me. Im the kind of girl that loves coverage! A lot of people think because its a powder, it will make my skin look dry and not cover my imperfections. Let me tell you, It does cover. Its actually foundation made of crushed minerals. Even tho its in loose form like a powder, its very creamy to the touch when you feel it in between your fingers. It also has SPF 15 for sun protection. The original foundation also give a natural glow to your skin which is great if your skin is more on the dry side. If your skin in oily then they also make the MATTE foundation which gives you a shine free finish ($28). What sold me besides the coverage was how it felt on my face. It did not feel like a was wearing an inch thick layer of foundation. I cant feel it at all when I wear it.  It also doesn't make me look like i am wearing a foundation. I think everyone should try it at least once.

Bare Escentuals Concealer- Summer Bisque
This is the concealer I use over my foundation. It gives a pretty good coverage. I can scar really dark so sometimes a use a cream concealer under my foundation, then the summer bisque on top. I use this concealer under my eyes and over my blemishes. The plus about this concealer is that is has SPF 20 in it. This container will last you quite a long time too.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer- NC20
This concealer is great for coverage. This is a cream concealer. I mostly use this under my eyes, on my eye lids for a base, and around my brows to shape them and clean up the edges. This concealer has SPF 35. yay. It is VERY thick so if you want something a little lighter, then this might not be the product for you.

Bare Escentuals Well Rested Eye Brightener
This the best for dark circles under the eyes! I just pat this over my summer bisque concealer to brighten under my eyes. It totally reflects light and makes me look more awake. They say you can use this on all skin types, but from experience, I dont think this product would be warm enough for the darker skin tones. But try it first. This brightener also has SPF 20. You can also use this under your brows for a subtle highlight.

Bare Escentuals All over Face Color- Warmth
I use this for my bronzer. I used this on the outside of my face over my foundation. Warmth give a perfect amount of color on my face to warm me up. Without it I look super pale....and thats no bueno. It is a very dark color so a tiny bit goes a long way. 

 Bare Minerals All Over Face Color- Faux Tan
This is what I use to contour. I used this under my cheek bones to create that shadow to make my cheek bones stand out. This powder compared to "warmth" is a more brown vs. red. This is a great powder to create those shadows and really shape your face. Little goes a long way. My container has lasted me a year and a half. 



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