Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss

Hey dolls! I will start off by saying that I cant believe I found this lip gloss! I have been hunting for it! My friend introduced me to this gloss a couple years ago and I fell in love. They used to be available at Target. 

The company that makes this gloss is called Soap & Glory. They are known for their skincare, body products, and of course this lip gloss. I found this lip gloss at Sephora the other day right before I check out. I have been saving my old ones for special occasions because I haven't been able to find them. 

Why do I love this gloss so much? Besides the super cute name,  this is the best tingly gloss out there. It gives the best minty cool feeling that also tingles a lot! If your not a fan of gloss that does that, then you will most likely not enjoy this gloss. The tingly sensation is intense but a good feeling. 

Does this "lip plumping gloss" actually plump your lips? Honestly, no I don't think so. The pearlescent finish of the gloss might give the illusion that your lips look fuller. The color is a soft frosty pink. Really pretty and great for all skin tones.

Gotta go check this lip gloss out. ;)

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