Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: MAC Tendertone Lip Balm SPF15

Hey guys!
So last week, MAC came out with their new collections Shop MAC and Cook MAC. I didnt get to go check it out in person until today. The product that I was really into was the Lip Balms. If you guys read my blog, you will know that lately I have been obsessed with lip balms, especially since its winter time. 

Tread Gently


Hush, Hush

 The lip balms are super creamy and I love the glossy finish. They are pretty sheer in color but the light tint is nice. These would be great on my days off where I just want to throw on a light lip balm that still has a little bit of color. 

The lip balms have a light strawberry kiwi flavor. I love that there is SPF 15 for sunscreen protection. These lip balms retail for $18.


  1. do they deeply mosturise?
    i have a major issue with my lips, they go super dry within a few minutes. Ive tried Love&Toast lip butters and they are fine, but just like you i would like to find something new while you still can get these tenderstones!


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