Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eyelash Review/Contest (

Hi guys!
I am very excited about this post. So recently I got contacted by They are an online website that sells lashes. They asked me to do a review on their lashes. I was so excited. I LOVE lashes. Some people even call me the lash queen. 

Lady Moss sent me 3 different brands of lashes: Miss Adoro, Eylure, and Red Cherry.
All of these lashes I was totally familiar with. 

All 3 of these lashes are great quality. Eylure is a little bit more fancy and is the most expensive out of the three. They run about $6 each. The one thing I notice about Eylure is that their bands which hold the hair on the lashes are thick. From past experiences, lashes that have thick bands tend to be hard to work with and usually end up not sticking to your real lashes on the edges because they are so stiff. 
After trying a pair of their lashes, I was so surprised. The band was really flexable and very easy to work with. Lasted all through out the day without lifting on the edges. I was totally excited. 
Here is a picture of the lashes that I tried. These are the Eylure Naturalites Double Lashes #205
Here are more Eylure Lashes that I picked:
Miss Adoro and Red Cherry are about the same quality. Both nice brands with a lot of different styles and totally affordable. The Red Cherry Lashes are $2 and the Miss Adoro are $2.50. Some of the more dramatic colored ones might run a little but more. 
Here are some pics of the lashes I choose:
 #30, #747L, #118, #38
#83, #202, #110 (my favs) #41 has a huge selection for all 3 of these different types of lash brands. I was excited that they carried bottom lashes too which are hard for me to find. The prices are totally affordable and they have free shipping on orders over $50. 
Check out their website!
Also, I have a promo code for you guys which is valid till December 31st for 20% off!
Discount Code:Ariel20 

I'm also doing a contest on my YouTube Channel sponsored by
One winner will be picked to win 1 Eylure Lash, 2 Miss Adoro and 2 Red Cherry Lashes!
The winner also gets to pick their own lashes!
This is what you have to do:
1. You must be subscribed to my Youtube Channel
2. You must "like" my facebook page
3. You must leave a comment on that video about lashes
-whats your favorite lashes and why
-when do you wear lashes
-anything like that

You are allowed to leave 1 comment a day! I will be picking the comment that stands out to me the most so make the comment interesting and fun!
The contest end on November 24th!
I will be making a video announcing the winner. 
 This contest is only for peeps in the USA. SOORRYYY. =( 

So Excited for this contest! Thank you Lady Moss!!

GoodLuck Everyone!


  1. I left a few video comments on your youtube channel and I need to check out this website for those "Red Cherry" lashes you had on your video! Love how they look on. Thanks for sharing love!

  2. Hi, I recently ordered some items on the store and I want to know how their delivery is? Do they deliver on time? I didn't see a number i could call from.


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