Tuesday, September 20, 2011

INGLOT: Fall Inspired Eyes (Review & Tutorial)

This was my very first time using INGLOT. I have seen this new brand all over youtube by other makeup Gurus and have heard nothing but great things about this makeup line. 
My friend went to Vegas a couple months ago and bought herself a palette and let me barrow it for a video and to play around with it. 
One thing that stuck out the most with this product was how PIGMENTED it is! You can literally swipe your finger lightly against the shadow and tons of pigment comes off. Little goes so far with this eyeshadow. The colors are so vibrant. 
I also notice that the color can easy be packed on the lid and stay the true color. The formula does not seem chalky. After sweeping my brush in the shadow, I noticed that all you need is a little dab of the shadow or else you will ended up sweeping too much product and waste it. 
The packaging of the palette is awesome. You can see the colors but are still completely protected by the magnetic lid. The palettes are stackable which is nice to keep everything together. Especially for makeup artists. One thing that I can complain about is the colors not having names. Its all numbers. Also once you put your color in the palette, there is no way to see what that number is. That is one thing I hope they would change.

Here are some pics of the colors I used:
*The shadows are a little banged up only bc they have been used 

More Pics From My Fall Inspired Tutorial:
What INGLOT Products have you tried?
Any Eyeshadow colors you would recommend?


  1. Love this look, has fall written all over it! I'm dying to trying out some Inglot, haven't had a chance yet!

  2. I have been really curious to try Inglot. I don't know where I can purchase them though. Does Nordstrom carry this brand? My friend told me there is a store in Costa Mesa but that is a little out of the way for me. Either way, this is another gorgeous look. I love the colors. I want to try Orange but was afraid it would be too bright on me but you have totally made it wearable.

  3. you can only get inglot in vegas or New york. There are only 2 stores in US. But you can order them online too.

  4. can you do a video tutorial for this look please!? thanks!! xoxo

  5. Ah it's actually in Newport Beach, not Costa Mesa. Still out of my way, but I did check out there website. The prices are very reasonable. I'm going to order a freedom palette to customize. Thanks Ariel!


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